Here are pictures of the tools we've been using in the building of our mini:

Gast Vacuum Pump

Vacuum bagging the rudders. Ran for over 15hrs a day without a glich.

Suction Cup

Vacumm bagging again. It's just a bit of 1/4" copper tube and one of those window suction cups drilled out.

Bar Clamps

18" & 24" bar clamps. Got 40 of these on sale from Harbor Fright Tools.

C Clamps

40 4" clamps also on sale from HFT.

Spring Clamps

46 spring clamps. On sale from HFT.


115vac drill motor.


18vdc battery power. A sale item from HFT. A cheapie with no worries about getting epoxy on it.


Another sale item from HFT. Not good for anything but a paper weight.

Metric Tape

All metric tape. No converstions, no mixups. No excuses either. Metric is the only way to measure!

Pocket Plane

A real work horse. This thing works great.