September 2012 Build Photos

Sep build hours:  60               06-Nov-12

06 Sep 12

Serving the Tiller Extension Handle.

09 Sep 12

Standing rigging completed.

10 Sep 12

Ready to launch!

First touch.

Trying to start the motor.

I think we're ready.

Trailer is at the waterline, boat should float free.

Off we go.

Floating free.

Trailer coming out.

Coming round to the dock.

Oops, docklines and fenders are on the orther side.

Coming back

Tying up.



Tied up at the dock

Lets get it back on the trailer.

Back in the water to look for the leak.

Fish checking out the keel.

24 Sep 12

Some shots of jib.

Not sailing

and wind from aft.

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