September 2009 Build Photos

September build hours: 56                                    01-Oct-09

Sep 29.

New aft rails.

That would be version 3.

Version 2 aft rails.

RockBox & nke head.

Backing plates for the aft rails.

Sep 20.

Aft rail.

Hole drilled for wires.

Area painted as well.

A/P ram bolted to the deck.

Sep 14.

Another shot of the rudder sensor.

Figureing out where to put the ram.

Holes drilled and backing plate made.

All these boxes have to fit in this space.

Compass sensor in place.

Area for boxes preped to epoxy the stringers.

Sep 09.

Top and bottom of panel trimed off.

Stop blocks screwed to panel.

Epoxied in place.

The plastic is to keep from gluing the whole mess together.

Sep 01 & 02

Back of RockBox with new connector.

Panel with holes cut.

In place on panel.

Panel screwed down.

With RockBox and nke gyropilot head.

Hatch will not close!

Still will not close!


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