September 2008 Build Photos

September build hours: 65                                                                        05-Oct-08

30 Sep 08

Holes drilled in keel

Modified drill bit and angle drill.

Holes drilled in wet box.

Elec panel mounted.

29 Sep 08

Fairing around the keel slot.

Wet box boot pattern.

Clamps holding down the wet box.

Wet box

19 Sep 08

Wet box covers.

Back side of electric panel.

Electric panel.

Cup holders.

T-hull fitting faired.

Keel slot some what faired.

18 Sep 08

Wet box covers being epoxied to the styrofoam blocks.

Keel slot fairing.....

....and on the T-hull fitting.

13 Sep 08

T-hull fittings installed.

Inside of Sofo Scoop fitting.

And the speed/depth fitting.

Cardboard templates on each side of keel.

The fitted FR4 plates.

Foam fitted.

07 Sep 08

Inside slot out of the bag.

Hull side.Some fairing required.

Holes for thru hulls.

Counter sunk hole for the Sofo scoop.

and with the t-hull fitting.

Hole cut to recess the speed/depth sensor thru hull.

Foam cut for the wet box.

06 Sep 08

Carbon hanging down from the inside.

Inside slot vacuum bagged.

Bottom covered and vacuum bagged.


05 Sep 08

Up on jacks.

Keel slot.


01 Sep 08

Box in place and opening marked.

Cutting line on masking tape.

Starting the cut.


Look a hole!

Trimmed and cleaned up.


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