September 2005 Build Photos.

Build hours for Sep: 79                                                    30-Sep-05

Sep 30.                                           

Bow, screws removed and rough shaped.

Lower rebate after planing.

Starboard side.

Bow. Wow.

Sep 29

Aft starboard corner rough sanded.

Sep 28.


Starboard side

From the driveway.

Sep 27.

Port bow.

Looking aft.

Port side done.

Sep 23.

Starboard wide panels complete.

Aft starboard corner completed.

And the port side as well.

Port side forward narrow panels started.

Sep 23. How we installed the 2nd layer panels.

Panel laid in place on hull. The edge of the upper & lower rebates are marked. This is the the only good use for the red hand plane; a heavy wieght.

Lines drawn for the cut.



Held in place to check fit. Will need to trim at the top right.

Planeing the edge.

Hull marked at edge for glue line.

Putting on the epoxy on the panel.

And on the hull.

1st screw in to hold panel. This goes in to the stringer.

2nd screw in the other stringer. Then the outer corners.

Lines drawn at stringers.

Pilot holes drilled.

Stringer screws installed.

And the rest of the screws to pull it fair.

The finished panel.


Sep 22.

3 more on the portside.

Sep 21.

Growing pile of scrap.

3 more panels on the port side.

A test panel for deck non-skid.


Sep 18.

Sep 17.

More on the starboard side.

Sep 16.

Port side

More panels on the starboard side.

Sep 15.

Port side.

Sep 12.

4 panels on the starboard side.

Port side panels

Sep 11.

The 1st two pieces on the starboard side.

Next piece cut, fitted and covered with epoxy.

The area on the hull covered with epoxy.

And panel screwed in place.


Sep 10.

Side panel.

Looking along the bottom from the transom

And at the side.


Sep 06.

Screw hole fillets sanded.


Sep 05.

Port side bow covered.

The view from the other side.

Looking aft.

Side skin panel fitted and epoxied.

And the place on the boat where it goes.

And then it is screwed down.

Boat is all covered with the 1st layer.

Looking aft.

The screw holes and gaps at the rebates filled.

Port side filled with fileting compound


Sep 04.

Getting closer.