Rudders / Daggerboards

I am making the rudders and daggerboards of foam, carbon fiber and Kevlar, laid up with epoxy and vacuum bagged.


Epoxing the foam together.

Epoxing an extra area of foam to move the joint to a less stress area.

Rudders cut out & the foil shape cut to depth with router.

Daggerboards profile being cut with router. Note foil template on end.

All cut out.

All shaped.

Aft daggerboard

C/F layed up & Kevlar being aplied.

Working out the bubbles.

Fwd Daggerboard wet out.

Wetting out CF.

CF in place & trimed. Extra layers of CF at the point it will exit the hull.

Kevlar layup.

Extra Kevlar.

Peal ply & breather in place. Extra beather where the suction cups go, to prevent a hight spot.

Cuting the holes for the vaccum cups.

Vaccum on and sucking.

Vacuum on. Jugs are to keep it flat.

Suction cup. Yes it's just one of those window thingys with a 1/4" hole drilled & a piece of 1/4 tube. The circle drawn on the bag is so I do not lose the hole.

The vaccum pump.

Vacuum setup.This is one of the rudders.

Pealing off the breather & peal ply.

All done.

Fairing compound on rudders & aft daggerboard.

The foils.