October 2011 Build Photos

Oct build hours:  96                28-Oct-11

28 Oct 11

Moving out of the garage.

Ready to go.

Hooking up to crane.



Going down.

Almost there.


Un-hooking the crane.


Keel up in the slot.

Keel in the bearings.

Yes it is up there!

24 Oct 11

Disk brakes!

Good shot of the keel rest.


Cutting the aft cradle.

Fiiting cradle.

15 Oct 11

One of the things I did not think out was...

...how I was going to get the fwd cradle supports back in the frame.

After failing on a few different ideas I ending up using the winch strap to the aft cradle support.

This worked but it was scary.

14 Oct 11

Back from the galvanizier.

One of the suport legs for the bow stop mast was broken off at the weld during the galvanizing process. I had to reweld back in place.

07 Oct 11

Fender in place.

Fenders & brackets.

Fender brackets.

Ladder hold offs.

Ladder will fold flat with bow stop mast.


All the small bits for galvanizing.

Tied down and ready to go.

01 Oct 11

Fwd cradle supports with jack, at highest point.

The burnt bush. So I'm busy welding and look down to see a small bit of leaves smoldering, so I go back to welding.

And when I look, I now see the whole bush is blazing away. A couple of buckets of water and all was fine. And I did not hear voices from the bush.

Yes it is way up there.

One axel under trailer


Boxes of Sails and Battens.




Code Zero

No where near the room in the house to roll these out.

Spin in bag





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