October 2009 Build Photos

October build hours: 79.5                                    30-Oct-09

Oct 30.

Testing it before screwing it down.

All bolted in place.

Oct 25.

Bow nav light.

Stern Light

Ok is that red right returning?

Oct 19.

Speed and Depth interface box with wiring.

Auto pilot pump.

Oct 16.

Triducer with new connectors.

Oct 15.

A/P computer & remote res for the pump.


2 interface, Passthru, AIS & Remote receiver.

Oct 13.

Holes filled.

If you noticed that there are more holes now then there are screws in the lower picture, then you'd be right. After I took the picture I started to add fillets and noticed that most of the screws had just pushed the doubler away, so more screws were needed.

Oct 12.

Inside veiw of the compass.

Screws for the doublers.

Oct 10.

Template for compass

Starting cut.

Holes cut and one compass fitted.

Oct 06.

Cables loosly run.

Panel lit up. No flash so it is out of focus.

Oct 05.

More paint on the rails

Ram hose fittings in place.

And hose hooked up.

Aft rails bolted on.

Battery cables hooked up.

Back side of battery switch.

Cables loosly run to panel.

Oct 02.

Painted rails.

Holes drilled for hose fittings.


Oct 01.

G10 epoxied in the holes.

Aft rails all ready to be painted.


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