October 2008 Build Photos

October build hours: 26                                                                         03-Nov-08

28 Oct08

1st view.


and frames.

From above.

22 Oct 08

Good holes.

Bad holes.

12" long hole makers.

Tether anchor point.

Keel bearings faired.

16 Oct 08

Blocks for the tether.

More goop on the keel bearing fairing.

10 Oct 08

More fairing on rudders.

Aft section of foam.

Fwd looking aft.

Looking fwd. The dowel is to help hold the bearings in alignment.

04 Oct 08

Keel bolt holes countersunk.


03 Oct 08

Filler on rudders.

High destity filler on the leading edge.

02 Oct 08

Keel wet box with the bolt holes filled with G-10 tube.


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