October 2007 build photos.

Oct 07 build hours: 31                                                                                                31-Oct-07

31 Oct 07.

Fairing on the chainplates.

Electric panel plywood.

Stbd aft quarter sanded.

Port aft quarter and aft deck sanded.

30 Oct 07.

Mast partner with epoxy.

Fairing on the carbon.

Aft port quarter sanded.

29 Oct 07.

Mast partners in place.

Gap filled in deck.

Ferrets on mast partners

Fairing around the carbon chainplates.

25 Oct 07.

Mast partner vacuum bagged in place.

24 Oct 07.

Pulling off the breather and peel ply.

Ready to be faired.


Starting on the other side.


23 Oct 07.

Area all sanded and ready for carbon.

Wetting out the carbon.

First couple of layers on.

All on and bagged.

And the inside.

12 Oct 07.

Slot for carbon.

Hole with plug at bottom.

Inside the boat after.....

....snading the doublers.

08 Oct 07.

Plywood blocks.

Close up of the plugged hole

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