October 2006 Build Photos

October 06 build hours: 37                                                                                              30-Oct-06

30 Oct 06.

Mast step bits cut and fitted.

How it will look assembled.

19 Oct 06.

Carbon fiber added....

...to the aft side of #4.

Mystery test piece.

18 Oct 06.

Peel ply pulled off.

Aft center section

Fwd section

Most of the keel area done.

Fairing the daggerboard.

17 Oct 06.

Keel box carbon.

Ready to be wet out

Port side strip in place.

Both sides done.

13 Oct 06.

The CF cloth cut and ready to be wet out.

2 more bays done.

12 Oct 06.

1st 2 strips in.

4 total for today.

11 Oct 06.

One hatch installed.

Loading O-rings on the screws.

Starboard side hatches ready to go on.

Strbrd side fwd hatch on.

Looking aft.

Looking fwd.

Fwd hatch in place.

Carbon fiber and plywood doubblers ready for epoxy.

CF wet out and one side of the doublers on.

All done.

This is where the single point lift will attach.

Foil shaped sanding boards.

10 Oct 06.

Water tank hatch with noeprene seal.

#1 hatch.

Daggerboard with grooved fairing compound.

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