October 2005 Build Photos.

Build hours for October: 84                              30-Oct-05

October 30.

Light weight fiberglass taped into postion on transon.

Epoxy going on.


October 29.

Centerline fiberglass tape.

At the bow

Bottom covered with epoxy.

Almost painted myself in a corner.

Starting down the port side.

All covered.

Used about 1.75 liters of mixed epoxy to cover the hull.

It uses the same base as what I have been using, but uses a different catalyst.

This makes a thinner more penetrating epoxy. It also cures faster.

October 28.

Piles of sanding dust.

October 27.

Hull with the final fairing on.

October 24.

Fore and aft cradles.

Just needs to be sealed and carpeted.

On the hull.

October 17.

Cutting a forward one, aft cut and stacked on boat.

Fore and aft cradles glued up and clamped.

October 16.

Port side trimed.

The wood shavings from the bow cap.

The bow cap faired to final shape.

Looking "up"

Also took the opportunity to move the boat out.

Got the floor swept clean.

October 15.

Starboard side trimed.

October 13.

The forward leg. When the leg is not on the scale, it is on a piece of wood the same thickness as the scale.

185 lbs

Aft starboard corner.

163 lbs.

Aft port corner.

213 lbs.

October 12.

The rough cut bow capping, covered with thickened epoxy.

It's African Mahogany.

Fitted to the boat.

The brace is to hold it in place.

October 11.

Sanded smooth.

And after fairing compound.


Not far, but out.

The last area needing a 2nd fairing.

October 10.

Starboard side areas of disbond.

Close up of one the spots. New piece fitted and glued & screwed.

Other spot.

And the port side.

Close up.

The clamps on the bow skin.

October 06.

Marked off in grids and marked up.

Working on the area just below the sander.

Aft quarter faired.

October 04.

Looking down at the bow.

Lots of sawdust.

All cleaned up.

More fairing compound.

Yes, this time I'm really working.


October 03.

Jeremy filling screw holes.

This one's for you, Beth!

Starboard side filled. Jeremy filling on the port side.

Port aft quarter.

Port bow.


Me, trying to look like I'm working.

But I'm really not.

From the street.