November 2008 Build Photos

November build hours: 45                                                                         28-Nov-08

27 Nov 08.

Test rudder on starbord side.

And yes it fits on the port side.

The boat is not siting high enough off the gound to use the real rudders. I will have to wait untill the boat is on its' trailer for that.

Spacers for under the batteries.

Holes for the winch.

Mainsheet cleat.

Keel primered.


Keel. those are not blisters. It is just where I added extra primer to fill small low spots.

21 Nov 08

More primer on the keel.

Me, taking off the rudder brackets.

The top port side was the worse. The rudder strap would not even fit.

Had to ream out the holes a bit.

20 Nov 08

Rudders sanded and keel painted.

Primer on the rudders.

19 Nov 08

Fairing coumpond on the rudders.

And keel.

Hole for battery switch.

Battery, one big honking battery.

15 Nov 08

Bad picture of the hole for the battery cable.

Hole in end of bunk.


03 Nov 08

Foils before primer.

And after painting.


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