November 2006 Build Photos

Nov 06 build hours: 50                                                                                                    27-Nov-06

Nov 27.

A real crappy shot of the trailing edge.


And the leading edge.

Leading edge.

Sanded ready to paint.

Craig's rudder painted.

Daggerboard painted.

Nov 22.

A lousy shot of the leading edge after sanding.

Craig's rudder.

Foil shape.

Nov 21.

Daggerboard with leading edge mix.

Looking aft.

Looking forward.

Nov 17.

Spotty daggerboard.

Bilges painted.

Working on the aft sections.

Looking aft.

Nov 16.

More fairing.


Paint in the bilge.

More bilge paint.

Nov 15.

Daggerboard after more fairing compound

Craig's rudder.

Nov 10.

More ridges.

2nd coat of epoxy in the center section.

Nov 09.

We received the stem fitting..

...from South Africa.....

....last week.

It is a work of art.

Roy at CKD Boats....

...out did themselves...

....on this part.

Thanks Roy!

I have also been....

...asked what are the chainplates like.

So here are shots of them.

Mast step top on.

Mast step.

Then covered with CF.

The area aound the keel box... it's 1st coat of epoxy.

Daggerboard sanded.

1/2 of the ridges filled.

All filled with fairing.

Nov 05.

Mast step.

Nov 04.

The annual meeting.

Katie Ambach, Drew Wood, Jan Brandt.

Chris Sayer, Jay Sharkey, Andy Abel, Peter Henderson.

Clay Burkhalter, Kendall Fitrell, Britt Colombo,Jeffrey Dingle, Fred Boursier.

Joe Cooper, Jesse Rowse, Ryan Finn.

Katie, Joe, Bernard Fourie, Jesse, Clay, Chris.

Ryan, Fred, Marc Saint-Cyr, Joe, Drew, Tara Thomas, Sharkey.

Christian Reimer, Kendall, ?, Ryan.

Drew & Katie's Mini.

Drew, Sam, Jan, Ryan, Dave.

Bernard, Fred, Tara, Dave, Andy.

Drew, Ryan, Jesse, Sam, Katie, Kendall.

Drew, Jesse, Sam, Katie.

The foredeck.

The back of the boat.

Drew and Jessie go over some of the fine details.


Joe Copper's mini in the middle of a very extensive refit.

Joe, Sam, Wendy.