November 2005 Build Photos

Build hours for November: 89.5                                                                           28-Nov-05

November 28.

After the filling.

Used a mixture of epoxy and microballoons for the filler.

November 26.

Started filling in the lows spots.

It was about 22 hours of sanding.

November 22.

Implements of torture.

November 16.

After the 10th sanding.

And after the 4th coat of primer.

November 15.

Moved the boat outside.

So we could do a good cleaning of the shop.

There was a lot of sanding dust on the floor.

That's the 9th fairing.

3rd coat of primer paint.

November 14.

Another sanding!

Bow area filling.

Down the center line.

November 10.

What the hull looked like after fairing.

And after the 2nd coat of primer.

November 09.

Another sanding.

Starting to paint.

Put on the mask as the fumes built up.

All painted.

We're using Interlux's Epoxy Primekote for the primer paint.

Used about 1.5 lt of mixed, for the 1st coat.

November 08.

Rolling on the final coat of epoxy.

Note to self. Should have used the roller after the glass was wet out.

You get a much more even coat of epoxy.

Also coated the cradles with epoxy.

November 04.

After another sanding.

And all cleaned up.

November 03.

Started at the back and worked forward.


Moving forward.

Port side

Starboard side.

Getting to the bow.

Last bow section pieces.