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05 Nov 12. Our 3rd weekend of racing.  
Ok, so not so much as racing, but starting and trying to stay out of everyone else's way, as we figure out just what the heck we're doing. I'm beginning to think that building the boat was the easy part.

So I re-rigged the jib leads and we had no problems with it, even as the wind was 15 with gusts to 20. We should've reefed the main, but I have not rigged the lines for that yet. We had some issues with the runners getting on the wrong side of the boom. Not sure how much of that was poor technique, or being over powered, and twisting off the main or both. As for the spin, we still had problems with deploying from the cockpit, even though I had added more purchase. The 1st set was slow as I had to retie lines that were routed wrong. Then on the 1st gybe we discovered the new sheet was on the wrong side of the tack line. The next set was a bit better and all was well until we gybed. The bowsprit went over center then blew off 90 deg. In the process of trying to sort out the mess the halyard went over the top of the main. W.T.F. By the time we got that sorted we had enough.

On a positive note, the leaks in the bilge are fixed! All was dry after a weekend of sailing and the floorboards are all down.

See Nov Pix

15 Oct 12. We're sailing!  
The leaks are mostly fixed, well down to seeps now. And thanks to the good folks at Harken, we have a fix for the main sail cars losing all the balls. Sailing in mostly light winds we tried out the jib, canting keel and spinnaker. Had issues with all of the above. Our jib leads lines were too small and would not stay in the cleats. The keel lines on the lazy side would jam in the blocks. And the bowsprit was hard to deploy from the cockpit and when the spin loaded up if the pole was below the centerline it would then go all the way to leeward. More work to do. And speaking of work, we now have 3800 hours in.

Photo from Chrisann Tortora.

See Oct Pix.

01 Oct 12. Leaks, leaks, leaks, balls and yes leaks.   
So we repaired the leaking area and launched the boat again, still leaks. Another glop of epoxy, a quick launch and it is leaking but from another area. More epoxy and it is still leaking but not as bad. So we go for our first sail. Mainsail only. We learned many things. For some reason the batten cars will not slide on the the track until about half a dozen of the balls fall out. Roll down the deck. Roll overboard. Balls everywhere. Well for a while, then all ended up in the water. Sigh. Not sure what the problem is. But after they were sacrificed to the water gods the cars then went on smoothly and the sail went up and down like it should. We sailed! We also found out that with just the main up and if you put it in irons to adjust the outhaul the boat will not come out of irons. At all. Pulled up the daggerboard and finally started to sail again. Had a nice sail back to the dock. Bail out the bilge and find where the leaks are now. More epoxy. We go out again today and after launching I check to find it is worse then the day before. Sounded like someone is peeing into a puddle. Sigh. No sailing, more epoxy. Not quite ready for the stuff they sell on TV to plug the screen door in the rowboat, but......
10 Sep 12. Dog Year Floats! 
We launched the boat today and officially christened her Dog Year! She came off the trailer as planed and all looked good. A quick check below found some leaking from around the keel box. We decided to not push our luck by sailing, so back on the trailer to dry out. We then put it back in and while still on the trailer and investigated where the water is coming from. Found that it is leaking from right at the keel box frame and the hull skin. We think that letting it dry and injecting epoxy into the area followed by a good fillet of epoxy/cab-o-sil will seal it off. A big thanks to Kirby for taking the pictures and Scott for helping dry the bilge and look for leaks.

See Sep Pix.

08 & 09 Sep 12. Mast Rigging.   
Finished with splicing on the deadeyes to all the shrouds. Then worked on making the wedges and cover for the mast partners at the deck. That is what is in the picture to the left. Got all the shrouds lashed and tensioned. Lashed the turning blocks at the mast base and all the other little things to get ready to sail.

See Sep Pix.

30 Aug 12. Mast up, down, up!  
The plan for the day was to go to the lake set up the mast and launch the boat. That was the plan. The Gods laughed. Of all the things that I thought could go wrong today, what happened was not even in the top ten.

The mast is up! But not without some drama and damage. So we get the mast out from under the patio cover, out of the backyard, and strapped to the trailer. A drive up to the lake and un-strap the mast set on saw horses and assemble the spreaders. The next big job is to get it some 3+ meters up to the deck. Done in 3 stages, 1st raise the bottom up to deck level. 2nd raise the top end to deck level. 3rd manhandle the whole thing over the life lines. All in the blazing sun. Break time. Set up the gin pole and attach to the mast at the lift point. Break time. (Did I mention the Noon day sun?). So then start raising the mast, there is a point where the bottom of the mast must be held and guided into the deck hole. (Did I mention the part about the HOT sun on a black mast?) Wendy could not hang on to the mast end and before I could get it lowered back down to the deck a puff of wind came along and with a bit of a gravity storm, the gin pole, mast, the works fell to the ground. #@&)&%$@^. Neither one of us were hurt. I would hate to think what would have happened if any of the parts had hit us, or swept us off the deck. A quick survey of the mast showed no damage to the main tube and spreaders. Most of the damage was done to the junk on the top. The wind indicator, VHF antenna, Windex, and Nav light all suffered. I fixed the antenna, windex and pulled off the remains of the wind indicator. Then went over to the Sailboat Shop and used their gin pole to get the mast up and in. Yes we used gloves this time. Finished off the rest of the day unwinding the spaghetti that was our rigging and splicing/lashing a couple of shrouds. 

See Aug Pix.

25 Aug 12. Rigging.  
The dinning room converted into a rigging shop. That is the mast outside on the patio. Maybe not out of the heat but out of the sun.
13 Aug 12. Daggerboard in.  
Lots of little things done. The deck partners for the mast is made and a cover for the hole if the mast is down. Lines for lashing the mast base turning blocks are in. Daggerboard is in and lines to haul it up run. This was the 1st time the daggerboard was set all the way in place.

Boat was readied for a presentation to our local yacht club.

07 Aug 12. Lifelines on!
More fairing on the keel. Until it got too hot. 111 with no breeze to cool things off. Finished splicing the lifelines and installing same.
06 Aug 12. Lots done!  
The keel is in and the bulb bolted to the keel strut. Started fairing the bulb.  The block and tackle system for canting the keel is hooked up and tested. Filler blocks for the keel wet box are installed. Rudders are on and aligned with the tiller. Moved the axels and fenders forward on the trailer to reduce the tongue weight, as with the bulb in place it was too heavy. We now have passed 3600 hours today.

See July Pix.   See Aug Pix.

23 Jul 12. Back at home & back at it!  
Got the boat back home yesterday! A quick wash down and now I have to remember were I was. I added some "pins" to the keel strut to help tie in the plate for the bulb.

See July Pix.

02 Feb 12. Why No Updates?    
We have had and are having, family obligations, that have cut in to the time available to work on the boat. At this point we hope to be able to launch sometime mid summer. (most likely the 1st 115 day)

Our neighborhood association took exception to having the boat in the driveway. So we had to move it. The boat is at a friends shop among other project boats. I have been working on a lot of the rigging, splicing eyes in the the ends of lines, deck hardware layout and other small odds and ends. Also removed the bump-in to Wendys' office and returned the wall back to normal.

See Jan Pix.

28 Oct 11. Flying Boat.           
The boat is on the trailer! Got every setup in the driveway and street. The crane showed up about 1/2 hour early and took less then 20 minutes to setup, pick up boat and tear down. Then cleaned up the garage a bit tore down the building cradle then set the keel in it's bearings.

See Oct Pix.

24 Oct 11 Trailer wiring!          
So I wire the trailer using the industry standard and colors, seal all connections, and cover with heat shrink. Plug it in to the truck and nothing is working right. I check the truck connector and it is all good. I get out a battery and jumper it to the 7-way plug on the trailer, everything is wrong. I know I matched all the colors when I spliced the plug on. I get out the the diagram that came with the plug and find that for the 6-way plugs, they follow the standard colors, but for the 7-way plugs they just randomly mixed them up. ARG! So I cut off the heat shrink, unseal the harness and resplice the wires. Why have standards if your not going to use them? I'll get off my soapbox now. Thanks.
24 Oct 11 Trailer is assembled and licensed.           
After some set backs and logistical problems the trailer is all assembled and I took it to the DMV for inspection & licensing. Other then then usual wait at DMV all went well and I came home with the trailer titled and licensed.

See Oct Pix.

!4 Oct 11 Trailer back from galvanizing.          
After a wait for paperwork to get fixed, I picked up the trailer from the galvanizer today. Cost less then quoted so can't complain much.
07 Oct 11 Trailer off to be galvanized.          
Worked on the bow stop ladder, fenders and brackets, front wheel axle and mast holder. Then drilled all the holes for the light and keel rest. Out came the angle grinder and I rounded off all the sharp edges. Loaded all the parts in the truck and loaded on the trailer and took it to be galvanized.
01 Oct 11 Got some wheels under it!          
Have spent the last 2 weeks cutting various bits of steel and welding same to trailer. And other then the incident with the burning bush all has been going well. We also have received our sails! A big thanks to Jan & Hunter and the crew at Schurr Sails on the great job!

We also have 3400 hours in the project so far.

See Oct Pix

17 Sep 11. More welding.           
Cut the steel for the bow stop mast and welded it together.
16 Sep 11. Mainsail!          
Got a picture of our mainsail from our sailmaker, Schurr Sails. The pile of red on the right is our spinnaker.
12 Sep 11 Hot, Hot, Hot!          
It's been the hottest summer in Phoenix on record and the hottest August. This summer we had 33 days with temps over 110F. People joked that it's easy to weld in that heat, just set the parts in the driveway, set the welding rod in place & go inside. Come out an hour later and it's welded. Build the supports for the cradles, and engineered a jack system to raise and lower the cradles for working on the boat.

Also the sails are being made by Schurr Sails and are close to being completed.

See Sep Pix.

29 Aug 11 Mast Measure.          
Measured mast for the sail maker today.

See Aug Pix

26 Jul 11. Looking like a trailer.           
The main frame is welded together. Started by notching the side rails and bending to fit. Welded all the cross beams in place. Cut the coupler tube and its' cross beam and bend section reinforcements. Welded those parts in place. Picked up the frame and turned it over to weld on the under side.

See Jul Pix.

23 Jul 11. Welding!          
Drilled holes in the crossbeams for brake lines and wiring. Cut the upright lower tubes for the cradles and the reinforced section for the top of the tubes. Got out the welder and relearned how to MIG weld. Started by welding on the reinforcements to the top of the lower tubes. I had decided that these are not that critical and would be a good place to practice. By the 2nd tube, I was welding fairly well.
18 Jul 11. Cutting steel.          
Got out the chop saw and started cutting the steel for the trailer. Got the cross beams and supports for the keel and box cut.
12 Jul 11. Trailer is under the boat.           
Some assembly required.

All the steel I'll need to build the trailer was delivered today. I should now have all the parts for the trailer. Moved all the steel in under the boat, hopefully in the order I'll need it. Time to get cutting and welding.

See Jul Pix.

31 May 11. Our J/24 has sold!          
Our J/24, Bad Idea, at her new home at the Ft Worth Boat Club.
They say the two best days in the life of a boat owner, is the day you buy the boat and the day you sell it. After selling Bad Idea I can now say they are wrong. We have had such good times, met such great people, had wonderful crew and fabulous competitors pushing us to do our best, it is with mixed emotions that we turned her over to her new owner. Fair winds Bad Idea.


16 May 11. Spider Web?          
Got the clutches in for both the keel canting control and for the running backstays. Ran the control line thru the blocks.

See May Pix.

25 Apr 11. Keel Canting Control.          
Figured out where I wanted the stoppers for the Keel control. Had to make some backing plates, epoxy them in  place, drill the holes and make a ferule for where the line enters the inside of the boat.

See Apr Pix.

21 Apr 11 J/24 Stuff.          
This spring We won our club's fleet series races in our J/24. With last falls series win, we will represent our fleet (PHRF Spin) in the club championship. Wendy & I decided to celebrate by spending the night on the boat. A great sail, good dinner at the new marina and a nice night out on the boat. The next morning as we were trying to unstuck the anchor the motor mount broke! As in off! With the motor attached, still running! I had one hand on the motor at the time, picture a very big hand mixer, until I could grab the kill lanyard and stop it. Luckily we did not lose the motor because we needed it to get back as there was no wind. That's the new motor bracket in the picture to the left.
26 Mar 11. Orange!          
The keel bulb halves have been faired and a couple coats of the orange bottom paint put on. Also made up an spectra webbing boot for the end of the bow sprit and lashed it in place. 

See Mar Pix.

07 Mar 11. Flying lead.         
Got the rough fairing of the bulb done and a good match of the halves. Then picked up the lead with an engine hoist and put them on the workmates for the majority of the fairing. Easer to sand when there not on the floor. Got the 1st coat of compond on just in time for the weather to turn cold and it took over a week to set up. Got that sanded off today and the next coat on.

See Mar Pix.

26 Oct 10. Long drill bit.          
Had to get a long drill bit to drill the holes in the keel strut and ream the predrilled holes in the lead for the bolts. After drilling all the holes I pulled out the strut and bolted the halves together and started fairing the bulb. If you thought fairing the hull was fun, wait until you fair lead.

We will be in Newport RI for the Mini Class North America meeting on Nov 6th. If your in the area be sure to stop by.

12 Oct 10. Bulb fitted together.          
So I got the bulb halves all set up and then realized I had not fitted the slots to the ribs on the keel strut. Many hours of filing later I got one side done. Then had to down jack and flip the other half over and do the same with it. So today I got every thing set up again (see picture below) and placed the two halves together and worked the keel strut in place.

If you've wondered what I have been doing the last couple of months and why no updates? Well I have reached the next step in my project and need the funds to purchase trailer parts and sails. I have been going over the J/24 and fixing it up to sell. If anyone out there knows of anyone looking for a good J/24 send them to this link. Thanks.

See Oct Pix.  

23 Aug 10. Got the lead out.            
Cut stainless steel all-thread to make the bolts to tie the lead bulb halves together and tie into the keel strut. Set up the 2 halves of the bulb to fit the keel strut to the bulb. Managed to get one braced on the skateboard and the other high enough off the floor to slide the other under it, with out dropping it on my fingers or toes.

See Aug Pix.

10 Aug 10. Where's the boatshop?          
Between having to work the overnight shift and taking vacation time, not much has been done this past couple of months. After prying the truck out of the garage and setting the boatshop back up, we are slowing getting back to work. Now were was I?
08 Jun 10. Paint the pole red.          
Primer painted and final paint coated the jockey poles this past week. While watching the paint dry, I installed the sheaves in both ends of the boom and lashed on the the mainsheet block and traveler blocks to the car. 

See Jun Pix

23 May 10. More rotisserie carbon.          
Got out the rotisserie and sanded the jockey poles in prep for paint.
17 May 10. Spreader stuff.          
Have been working on the spreaders. Put on a couple of coats of clear coat and then fitted the inboard ends on to the mast tangs. This was a pain as the tangs were already drilled and I had to line up the new holes.

See May Pix.

15 Apr 10 Tax Day           
Got the Porti-a-Potie in. Finished with the floorboards and cooler/step. Worked on putting a hinge in the inboard end of the bowsprit.

See Apr Pix.

13 Mar 10. More odds & ends.           
So I got the mast wiring completed, crimped on the pins on the wires and inserted them in the connector then mounted the connector. Worked on the supports for the head base and epoxied the cooler base in place, then got a coat of epoxy on all that. Finished with filing off the lifeline tabs off the bow rail and then gave the rail a coat of paint.
11 Mar 10. Stuffing the Mast.          
I have been working in what little free time I've had on the base for the cooler and porta-pottie. Today I put a coat of epoxy on most of the parts. Then I took all the bits of blue foam that I had cut out and stuffed it in the mast. I cut the holes for the mast wires and put the connector on the antenna cable.

See Mar Pix.

13 Feb 10. A pile of rope.           
We got most of our running rigging and the solar panel mount this week from our friends at Third Coast Composites.

So I have been climbing in and out of the boat for the past 2 years by stepping on an overturned milk crate, with the plan that the cooler would go there. So I put the cooler in place and realized that I will need to make a platform for it to sit on. So it's time to break out the saw, scraps of plywood and get creative. I also worked on a fix for the Windex. I pounded off the fitting from the rod and epoxied it to a piece of carbon fiber rod I had left from the keel lay-up. Not only is it longer but it weighs 4.2 grams less.

See Feb Pix.

01 Feb 10. Has it been a month?          
Since the last update? It's been a busy month, but not so on the boat. I did manage to find time to run the mast wires and anchor them at the top. I then attached the all the stuff ( nav lt, strobe lt, windex, vhf ant, wind sensors ) to the top of the mast and hooked up the wires. All went well until I stuck the windex in place and found that it would not clear the strobe light. I had made sure it would clear the antenna, but forgot how high the strobe sticks up. 

See Jan Pix.


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