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11 Oct 2006

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30 June. Sand & epoxy.          
Sanded the interior from bulkhead #4 forward. Then covered the area from #3 forward with thin epoxy. Decided to do this before I epoxy in the bunk frames... It's hard enough to move & work in this area as it is.
26 June 06. More bunks!          
It was decided that the two main cabin bunks are not big enough. So... A somewhat of a vee bunk will go in the front. More of a vee with a leg missing. Cut and dry fit the framing for this.

See the June photos

24 June 06. More epoxy.          
  Gave the water tanks another coat of thin epoxy.
12 June 06. Epoxy!          
Wet out the forward section fillet fiberglass tapes. Epoxy covered the insides of the water ballast tanks.
08 June 06. This is the hatch problem.           
Still trying to make the lids lay flat. I'm trying a 3rd way...... All the fillets are done inside the ballast tanks. Started on the big fiberglass reinforced fillets on the center backbone. 
07 June 06. Well that didn't work.           
As soon as the clamps came off it was pretty much the same. So I wet it again and put it in place with some weight on it. We'll see. Unclamped the mast box and sanded. Also finished the the epoxy pours in the ballast tanks.
06 June 06. What the heck am I doing now?          
I'm trying to "unwarp" this bunk top hatch. I got the plywood damp and then clamped it flat. We'll see if it dries straight. The mast box was epoxied in place and I continued to fill the bottom of the ballast tanks. Also filled the dashed line inside the tanks.

See the June photos

02 June 06. Mast box.          
Epoxied the sides and front of the mast box together.
01 June 06. Fillets finally finished.          
Finished with all the portside interior fillets! And the portside "dashed" line. Epoxied on the triangle framing to the mast box.

See the June photos

31 May 06. Fantastic fillets.          
The starboard fillets are done. Filled the "dashed" line along the starboard bunk side where the top is glued in. Started in on the portside under the bunk top.
27 May 06. Big fillet.            
Started on the big fillet at the bottom of the water ballast tank. This needs to be done in several "pours" so the epoxy mass does not heat up too much and out gas. Also got some of the fillets done along the outside of the starboard bunk side.
25 May 06. Fun fillets.           
Got all of the starboard side bunk top inside fillets done. You can see where I had my epoxy covered paws on the bunk top between the holes. Working with one hand holding me up, with my head stuck inside to see what kind of mess I'm making. It's a pain but it's making a strong structure.
21 May 06. More fillets.           
Started fillets under the bunk tops.
15 May 06. Fillets           
Filleted around the bunk tops today. Also played with electricity.

See the May photos.

09 May 06. Bunk!           
Coated the underside of the bunk tops with the "thin" epoxy to seal it and installed both bunk tops. Then installed both bunk sides. Kept tripping over the clamp arms. Also had to find new ways to use the clamps to get a purchase.
08 May 06. Ballast tank sides in.           
Drilled the tank fitting holes and epoxy sealed the area around the holes. Installed the fittings and got both of the sides installed. Filleted around the inside and outside edges of the tank sides.
07 May 06. Fits with the fittings.          
Last night I drilled and epoxy coated the area for the water tank fill fitting. Big mistake. Should have double checked the location 1st. Was way off. So I had to chisel off the fitting doublers, plug the holes and make new doublers. While waiting for the epoxy to cure I glued on the hatch doublers on the other bunk top and the doublers on both water tank tops.

See the May photos.

03 May 06. Back at it.           
Have been messing with the plumbing bits before gluing in the water tank side. One manufacture's 1 1/2" hose fitting is not the same as an others. I think that I'll be able to connect the parts as needed. I hope. Glued on the doublers on the water tank sides where the fitting will go. The fitting needs to be installed before the side is epoxied in place. That way it is at the lowest spot. Also epoxied on the doublers on the bunk top for the hatches.
30 Apr 06. J/24 Nationals.           
We finished 41st with a 23, 47, 45, 47, 36, 39, 41 & 46. Conditions  ranged from a light drifter one day to 30+ gusts the next. And the last days' races were delayed due to tornado warnings in the area. We had a great time.

See pictures here.

25 Apr 06. J/24 Nationals.           
A shot of the crew after getting the boat all spiffed up. From the right; Craig, Wendy, Dave, Jenny and Mike.
24 Apr 06. A visit with Sam.           
Visited with Sam and Vicky in Houston. Saw both of Sam's Mini's. The Dix Mini he is building and his Pogo. Had A great time talking boatbuilding. His web site is here:

More photos here

21 April 06. J/24           
We have been racing the J/24 in the last of this seasons races for our club. And getting it ready for the J/24 Nationals in Houston. Here is a shot of both boats. We will also visit with Sam while we're in Houston. The J/24 Nationals web sit is here:

Wish us luck.

28 March 06. Having a Fit.           
Trimmed and dry fit the interior bits. This took most of the day to fit all the ballast tank and bunk parts on both sides. Went over 900 hours total today.

See the March pix.

27 March 06. Floor grid fillets done.           
Finished the floor grid fillets. Started on the big fillet that goes along the single backbone aft. Shaped the new shear cleats at bulkhead nine and glued them in place.
26 March 06. More fillets.            
Filleted the port side floor grid beams and center section.
22 March 06. Floor grid.        
Fit and trimmed the bunk sides. Finished fitting the floor beams. Glued all floor grid beams and keel box structure in place. 
21 March 06. My back aint got no bone.         
Cut the backbone in the keel area to make way for the canting keel wet box. Cut and dry fit all the keel area plywood bits. Started to trim and fit the keel floor beams.

See the March pix.

18 & 19 March 06. Sailing.         
This was our fleets last race weekend for the season. It was blowing 15-20 with gusts to 25. Definitely a blade day on the J/24. We finished 1-2. Sunday was cloudy and colder, soon we had rain showers. Got in 2 races and as we were headed in checked the temp, 44 deg with a 13 kt wind. For us warm weather wimps, it was too cold. Finished 1-2 again.
16 March 06. Final Fillets.         
Finished with the bulkhead fillets. The ones from bulkhead 4 forward were a pain in the knees. I should have done these before we flipped the boat.
15 March 06. Field Trip.         
Went to over to a local Designer / Builder Scott McClintock's today. He's building a 40' trailerable sailboat of his own design. See his website at: Rio Hondo Yachts Also see more pictures in the March gallery.

Oh yeah, I continued with the fillets. 2 & 3 are done.

11 March 06. Rain!         
Woke to the sound of rain. 1st rain for Phoenix in 143 days. Tom finished sanding the interior bits. I filleted the rest of #4 and part of #3.

See the March pix.

10 March 06. Fillets         
Continued with the filleting. Got #6 done, #5 done and the aft face of #4. That pretty well shot the day.
09 March 06. Bag of Goop.         
That's the applicator for the filleting goop. A mix of epoxy, cab-o-sil and wood flour. It's been taking about an hour per bag from mixing to clean up. I can do about 1/4 to 1/3 of a bulkhead. I'm about 3/4 done with #6 and the ones aft are done. Tom sanded the interior pieces he cut out.
03 March 06. Fun with fillets!         
Continued with the bulkhead filleting. Wendy's parents are visiting with us, so I pressed her dad, Tom to work. He started cutting out the interior plywood parts.

See the March pix.

26 February 06. And now for something completely different.          
Removed all the empty beer bottles from the hull. No really just removed the flipping cradles and the building jig. Finished off the cradle the boat is setting on. Weighed all the building jig parts. They came to 190 lbs. So 594 minus 190 equals 404 lbs for the hull weight. Started on the transom, filleting around the bulkheads. 
25 February 06. Flipping Hull Party!         
The Hull is now right way up! Thanks to all the folks who came and helped.

We started to move the hull into the street where there was more room, when the wheels fell off. No really the wheels fell off. The casters were not up to the bump out of the driveway. So a bunch of people on the aft end, a bit of a lift and we were out in the street. Then 1,2,3, lift and it was on it's side. In the middle of the street. The neighbors not at the party were out gawking at this thing. Chris R. called for a beer break while I took the remaining wheels off the top (bottom?) and moved them to the bottom. Got everyone back and even managed to have them set their beer down. Again 1,2,3 lift and it was right side up. Moved it back it the garage and the celebrating started. All told it took about 15 minutes. Good times!

See the Feb Pix.

20 February 06. Remember this?
That's right, it's the forward daggerboard. I was suffering from sanding withdrawals and need to fair something. In looking ahead I'll need the completed daggerboard to make the casing for it. All part of the interior. Also found that I made a mistake on the number of hours so far. It is not 1000, but more like 800.
13 February 06. Cradle done.     
Cradles are finished. Ready to flip the hull.

Party to flip the hull will be Feb 25 at 2pm.

 08 February 06   Making a flip cradle.  
Weighed the hull and frame work again. It's up to 594 lbs. That's 33 lbs of epoxy, fiberglass, filler and paint.

Started the cradles we'll need to turn the Hull. Used some of the wood that could not be used for the building frames.

07 February 06. The other half of 19, 20 & 21      
That's it the last of the fairing! Some 3 months and 235 hours of it. Yea.

It's official, we will be flipping the hull over on Saturday February 25th at 2 pm.

See the Feb Pix.

06 February 06. Port paint.     
Painted the port side/bottom with VC. That should be it for bottom paint.
02 February 06. Filleting.     
Filleted the shear clamp to hull joint today. Wanted to do this before turning the hull over.

Felt good do something other then sanding.

01 February 06. 19, 20 & 21 divided by 1/2.     
Since I only painted the starboard half of the bottom, I only had to sand 1/2. Fairing round 19 took about 4 hours. Round 20 using 400 wet took about 2. And finally #21 with 600 grit took about an hour. The picture is a shot after sanding and the hull is dry.

Speaking of hours, today the total hours worked hit 800!

See the Feb Pix.

31 January 06. More bottom paint.     
Put on 2 more coats of bottom paint today. Only painted the port 1/2 of the hull. That way I have a better chance of sanding it smooth before it gets hard as a rock. Called Interlux's tech support to see if there is any thing I could do to lessen the orange peal effect I got when I rolled on the last layers. Well they were less then helpful. Said the paint is designed to be sprayed and if I roll it on, then that's just the way it would turn out. No help on using reducers or different techniques. Just spray it! I'm not going to spray epoxy paint due to the obvious health and environment  risks. So I experimented with adding some brushing reducer and rolled then tipped with a foam brush. Seems to be better. We'll see how it turns out tomorrow.
29 & 30 January 06. Club sailing.     
Our clubs spring series started this weekend. Wendy, Craig and I raced the J/24. Saturday started slow with little to no wind for the 1st race. After that it build to 15 by the end of the day. We got in 4 races with a 3 and three 2nds. Sunday stared in 10 and dropped to zero by the end of the 3rd race. We finished 1, 1 and 3 for the day.
27 January 06. Paint's too thin.    
Finished with 18th round of fairing. That's the good news. The bad news is, the paint is too thin in areas. I will need to recoat the bottom. Also learned that this paint is very hard on the sandpaper. By the 2nd day I might as well be sanding concrete. 1/2 sheet is good for about a 2' x 2' area.
26 January 06. 17th Dry, 18th Wet.     
Sanded the bottom for the 17th time with the longboards. Started the 18th round of fairing by going to wet sanding. Got all the radius chime areas sanded. Darrel stopped by to lend  a hand with the  sanding.

Hit 200 hours of painting and fairing so far.

See the Jan pix.

25 January 06. Bottom Paint.
Put on the VC Performance Epoxy bottom paint. All went well till about 1/2 though when the wind came up, blowing dust into the paint. It's not too bad and I hope it will sand out.
21 January 06. Waterlines.                   
Used the laser to find the waterline for the bottom paint. Found I needed to guess on the aft quarter, due to the line swinging up. Started and finished the 16th fairing. This was just from the waterline up to the bottom, to prep for the bottom paint. Moved the boat outside and gave the workshop a good blowing out. I think the dust cloud is still settling.

See the Jan pix.


20 January 06.  Final primer paint.                 
That's right, the last coats of primer are on. It's looking very good!

See the Jan pix.

19 January 06. Back to fairing.                  
Finished with the 15th round of fairing! Found a small area of delam or a air bubble in the tape down the center line. Filled with microballoons mix.

See the Jan pix.

14 & 15 January 06. Arizona Yacht Club Birthday Regatta.                  
Our club had it's annual big event; the 46th Birthday Regatta & Leukemia Cup. 81 boats in ten classes. The J/24's had their own start with 7 boats. Wendy skippered the Bad Idea, with Stacy on helm, Craig on trim and Wendy doing foredeck. With help on Saturday from Jeremy and Marilyn. Wind was light/none for the 1st race on Sat. After a 2 hour delay waiting for wind 2 more races were run in 5 kt wind. On Sunday the wind started at 5 then built to 15 by the last of 4 races. Team Bad Idea came in 2nd for the regatta!

Oh and were was I? I was doing scoring and RC on the committee boat. With those results I may have lost my job driving.

Photo by: Mike Ferring

09 January 06. Still sanding.                  
  Continued with the 15th fairing. Still more to do.
03 January 06 Funs over.                  
  Back to the 15th round of fairing. Finished the sides and got a start on the bottom.
02 January 06 Sailing.                  
Went sailing with Chuck and his granddaughters on his Corsair trimaran "Monsoon". Weatherman as usual missed on the forecast. Was forecast to be 15-25, but we only saw 10, and near the end of the day it went to zero and we had to motor back to the marina. Still it was a great day on the water.
01 January 06. Happy New Fairing!                  
Happy New Year! Started the 15th round of fairing. Using 180 grit on the longboards. Got the starboard side and 1/2 the portside sanded.

See the Jan pix.

28 December 05. Piles of paint!                  
Finished the 14th round of fairing! This is just the dust from the last two days. Got about the same from each day of sanding. For the record this round of fairing took 35 man-hours.  Inspected the hull and marked all the low spots.  Mixed up a small batch of primer and covered the low spots.

See the Dec pix.

27 December 05. And more fairing.                  
  Still working on the 14th fairing. The port half of the bottom is done & the starboard side is almost done. A nine hour day..... But I really only sanded for five. Have about 150 hrs into the bottom at this point.
26 December 05. Sailing.                  
  Took the J/24 out today for sail. 5-10 kts of wind and the temp hit 75. A nice day on the water.
22 December 05. And more fairing.                  
  I'm beginning to see a pattern here. The port side & transom are done. Started in on the bottom. Still trying to find the fun part of fairing. Maybe when it is all done?
21 December 05. And more fairing.                  
Continuing the 14th round. Got about 1/2 down the port side.
20 December 05. And more fairing.                  
  Continued with the 14th round of fairing. Again was easily distracted. Today ended up being visit day. Another boat builder in the valley, Shorty stopped by. See his website:

Then Chuck came by to see how it was going. Got the starboard side done and wrapped around the bow and started down the port side, but not very far.

16 December 05. Fairing :(                  
Continued with the 14th round of fairing.  Results are very satisfying, but still the work/fun ratio is very low. The blue dye shows the problem areas and low spots well.
15 December 05. Blues.                  
Wiped the hull down with blue dye. This should make it easer to see the low spots on the next round of sanding. Started the 14th fairing. George stopped by and the next thing he knew, he had a longboard in his hand. We got a good start on the fairing.

See the Dec pix.

09 December 05. The other half.                  
Faired the center line filler. Painted the portside with 4 layers of primer.
08 December 05. Piling on the paint.                  
Faired for the 13th time. Found that somehow I have managed to put a curve in the centerline. Mixed up a batch of filler and slapped it on. Hopefully I got it on the right side. After talking to Eric, who is much more experienced in the mysteries of smooth bottoms, told me to  put lots of primer. So today I limited myself to just painting one side of the hull over and over. Got 4 coats on the starboard side. Also Kendall from Annapolis stopped by to check out the progress.
04 December 05. More Paint.                  
Finished the 12th round of fairing. Rolled on the 5th coat of primer. Hopefully most of this paint will stay on the boat and not end up sanded off on the floor. It's getting closer to the smoothness we are trying to achieve.
03 December 05. Smooth cow.     
"Dusty" and "Sandy" continue with the 12th fairing. More fun with two.... But still not fun.

Latest Photos

02 December 05.               
  Started the 12th round of fairing. It's not getting any easier, but the end result is better.
28 November 05. Holy Cow!                  
Still cold here, or at least it is to us. Finished with filling of the low spots. Looking like a cow at this point.

See November Pix.

27 November 05.                  
  Cold spell here in Phoenix. Shop never got warmer then 60°today. Continued with the filling.
26 November 05. That's it for the 11th.
Finished with the 11th fairing! Never did find the fun part of it. Cleaned the hull of the sanding dust. Mixed up a couple batches of epoxy and microballoons and started filling in the low spots.
25 November 05. Fairing.
  Still working on the 11th fairing. Still looking for the fun.
22 November 05. The 11th time is not the charm.
Continued with the 11th fairing. Still not done and still not a lot of fun. As the picture shows it look like..... The areas that will need filling have been circled and marked if it is a low spot, or needs some filler.

See November Pix.

21 November 05. Fairing           
No pix as it does not look any different then the other times. Faired about 2/3 of the hull today. This has turned into a very detailed sanding. I'm trying to fix all the little bumps and dents, before adding more filler. This has been slow, dusty and a real pain. And I have been easily distracted.
16 November 05. Same thing, different day.           
Sanded the hull again, #10, but who's counting. Put on the 4th coat of primer.
15 November 05. And again.           
Faired the hull for the 9th time. It's getting close. Painted the hull with primer for the 3rd time.
14 November 05. Take it off again.           
Faired the hull again. #8. Mixed up a bunch of microballoons & epoxy. Filled in all the obvious low spots and along the fiberglass tape on the center line.
10 November 05. Take it off, put it back on.                              
Faired the hull for the 7th time. Took off the ends of the fiberglass where they overlapped. Rolled on the 2nd coat of primer paint. Long day!
09 November 05 Paint!                              
Sanded the hull for the 6th time. Cleaned and prepped for paint. Painted the 1st primer coat.

We also got a call from someone doing a story on Minis, we could not get to the phone and the call back number was garbled. Please give us another call.

08 November 05. Epoxy coating.                              
Gave the hull it's final coating of epoxy. Rolled on the epoxy with a foam roller. This worked great. Should have been using it sooner. Also got a coat of epoxy on the cradles.
04 November 05. Clean up.                              
Trimmed off the excess cloth and sanded the hull (5th time).


03 November 05. Glassed!                        
Covered the hull with the light weight (2.3 oz/yd) fiberglass cloth. This used about 5 liters of mixed epoxy.

See November Pix.

30 October 05. Start at the back.                              
Faired the hull for the 4th time. This was just a light sanding to take off the snags on the epoxy. Applied light weight fiberglass cloth to the transom.

See October Pix.

29 October 05. Covered.                              
Got the hull cleaned of sanding dust. Epoxied in the centerline fiberglass tapes and the tape on the bow cap. Covered the entire hull with epoxy.
28 October 05. Less fairing.                              
Faired the hull for the 3rd time. It's ready to be epoxied after we vacuum up all the sanding dust.


27 October 05. More filling.                              
The last of the fairing before covering the hull.


24 October 05.                               
The cradles are shaped and ready to be sealed and covered.
17 October 05. Cradles.                              
A rainy day in Phoenix. Jeremy is cutting out the forward cradles, for when the boat is on the trailer. The aft one is sitting on the boat. They will be in line with bulkheads 2 and 8.
16 October 05.                              
Finished with shaping the bow cap. The pictures do not do it justice.

 See October Pix.

15 October 05.
Finished with the 2nd fairing of the hull. Started to shape the bow cap.
13 October 05. Weight, weight don't tell me.                              
Got out the bathroom scale today and weighed the boat on the building forms.

It weighed in at 561 lbs.

The legs & bulkhead supports I estimate weigh 98lbs. I'm guessing the rails weigh 75lbs. That would make the hull less then 400 lbs.

12 October 05. Bow cap.                              
Rough cut the bow cap hardwood. Fitted and epoxied it in place.
11 October 05. 1st Light.                              
Sanded and faired the dis-bond areas. Un-bolted the legs from the garage floor and installed temp wheels on the frame. Now we can move it around, making it easier to work on the port side.
10 October 05.  Dis-bond.                            
Jeremy Has done the lion's share of the 2nd fairing. Hull is looking and feeling good. This also found a couple of spots where the 2nd layer of skin did not bond to the 1st. We cut out the area and epoxied in new plywood. I also clamped the bow side panel skin at bulkhead 0 and filleted the inside joint.
06 October 05. 2nd fairing.                          
Marked the hull off in grids, trying to work one grid at a time. Scribbled on the hull with a pencil to find the high/low spots. 
04 October 05. "Sandy & Dusty"                            
Hit the hull with the longboards. 1st fairing is done. Big thanks to Jeremy for all the help with sanding. Came back and filled the holes we had missed and some of the low spots.
03 October 05. Filling holes.
Finished with the rough sanding. Pressed Jeremy (Beth's boyfriend, who is staying with us) into helping me fill all the screw holes and gaps. We ending up the day by getting all the holes filled.

See October Pix.

The previous News, can be found in part one.