May 2008 Build Photos

May build hours: 66.5                                                                          28-May-08

28 May 08.

Slot cut in wet box for keel.

Bearing holders ground....

... in box....

.... and polished.

27 May 08.

Lock in hatch.

Floor boards.

Single point lft bar in place.

22 May 08.

Aft rail on!

Tiller with extension.

Close up of attachment.

21 May 08.

Traveler going in.

And bolted down.

Holes drilled for the aft rail.

20 May 08.

End standoff done and a couple of homemade bolts.

Cutting the all-thread.

Standoffs rough cut.

Standoffs fianl cut with bolts.

Bolts and standoffs loaded on to traveler track.

16 May 08.

Panel plywood.

Carbon fiber ready to be wet out.

All in the vacuum bag.

Traveler bar and cabin top teak painted.

Hatch and hinge for panel mounted.

Electric panel block epoxied.

More creative clamping.

Panel out of bag.

2nd coat of clear paint.

15 May 08.

No hatch.

Hatch fitted to the new opening position.

And it opens down.

14 May 08.

Traveler bar sanded and final coat of epoxy

Keel bearings. The green stuff is the plastic bushing.

Started ginding the corners off.

09 May 08.

Placing the traveler.

Holes drillled in deck.

Traveler and G-10 tubes.


Traveler support bar G-10 tube installed.

And in the deck.

04 May 08.

Floor boards and Wet Box fitted.

Wet Box.

Electric panel

Traveler bar fitted.

Plug in end of bar.


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