May 2007 Build Photos

May 07 Build Hours: 65.                                                                                    28-May-07

28 May 07.

Pulling screws.

Trimming top skin.

Rough trimmed.

Final trim.

Wire and screw to pull skin down.

Clamps on the inside.

Cleaned up.

27 May 07.

Fwd cabin top skin. Marked and drilled.

Glued in palce.

The starboard side is also glued on here.

Epoxy coated.

And here too.

In place.... used many creative wieghts....

..and clamps.

26 May 07.

Triming the...

...cabin top....


All trimmed.....

...and cleaned up.

22 May 07.

Peeling off the vacuum bag.

Now for the peel ply.

Now to get it out of the mold.


Cuting the mold apart.

Ripping the mold apart.

Free at last!

Moldy remains.

In place

Looking thru the escape hatch.

Final cure.

In the hot.....

..... noon time sun.

Doublers trimmed.

Aft side in place.

Both aft sides on.

Fwd sides on.

21 May 07.

1st layer of Carbon fiber.

End pieces of carbon in.

Kevlar being wet out.

Kevlar in.

Extra layer of carbon in the bottom.

Kevlar on the ends.

15 layers of carbon fiber in the bottom and sides.

The whole mess in the vacuum bag.

Fillets under the....

cabin top.

16 May 07.

Doublers fitted and ready to be epoxied.

Clamps in place.

1st row in.

2nd row done.

All done.

15 May 07.

Fillet on the aft cabin.

Triangles for the hatch.

9mm doublers cut.

14 May 07.

Wet box mould covered with packing tape..

Af t cabin plywood.

Top and fwd side pylwood.

Plywood sort of in place.

Stringers trimmed and aft cabin glued.

10 May 07.

Box lined with plastic.

Kevlar ready to cut. All the Kevlar and Carbon Fiber were off cuts from making the keel strut.

Useing the carbon fabric as a pattern.

Ready for epoxy.




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