May 2006 Build Photos

Build hours for May: 40                                                                                01-Jun-06

31 May 06

The dashed line on the bunk side is filled.

27 May 06

Fillets along the outside of the bunk side.

Big fillet inside the water ballast tank.

25 May 06

Fillets in the lower edges. (the white stuff)

Used just epoxy and cab-o-sil for these.That's the inside of the water tank on the lower edge.

15 May 06

Sam, I see your fan and.....

.... raise you a swamp cooler.

This was last years shop high temps. The upper reading is the attic temp, or the epoxy post cure oven.

This was the lows.

Bad plug. After running the cooler for a while I un plugged it to run the sander. When I plugged it back in there was a pop and.....

"Smoked" fingers.

The evap cooler with new cord.

Bunk top fillets.


09 May 06

Epoxy on the under side of the bunk tops.

Easer to do out of the boat then in.

Port side bunk top in.

Starboard side in. Had to use some creative clamping.

More of the misuse of clamps.

Tops on, port side side on.

Starboard side bunk side in.

08 May 06

New fitting hole.

Other side. To the right is the old plugged hole.

Port side ballast tank side epoxied in place.

Here's the fitting.

Just above the stringer.

Starboard tank side in as well.

Filleting around the edges of the tank.

Right side of bulkhead done. Left side needing to be smoothed.

07 May 06

Fitting installed.

Looks good, but it's in the wrong place.

So I chisled off the doubler.

And sanded the area smooth. The small hole to the left is where the fitting should be.

New doubler epoxied on.

The other bunk top doublers on.

And the water tank top doublers on.

03 May 06

The Sofo Scoop and attached Y valve. Yes the valve is big.

The fitting for the scoop is a tight fit on the 1 1/2" hose.

But the thru hull fitting is too small.

Same with the fitting on the bilge pump.

And the Y valve is somwhere in between.

Doubler for the water ballast tank thru hull fitting.

The vinagar is used for cleaning up uncured epoxy.

Bunk top doublers.

Ran out of clamps.

Holes in the water tanks. These are for water and air between the 3 chambers.

Starboard side.

Port side.

Drilled the middle hole before thinking about it. Boat will be heeled when the tanks are filled/emptied and holes at the tops when heeled would work better.


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