May 2005 Build Photos


Hours of build time for May: 98


May 01 & 02.

Bulkhead #4

Parts all assembled & glued.

Doublers on bulkhead #3 in background & on part of #5, on the floor.

Tangent doublers all cut & beveled.

Another shot of #4.

The next day.

Sanding #4 to remove excess epoxy.

#4 all sanded and gluing on the doublers.

Bulkhead #5.

May 03.


Late night work.

Doublers on #4 & #6.

Last of the doublers.

May 05.

Stem doublers.

Can't have too many clamps.

Aft backbone.

Another late night.

May 06.

Stem & aft backbone.

Transom & the lower 1/2 of bulkhead #6.

Another angle of transom & #6.

May 08.

Bulkhead #6 all glued together.

Bulkhead #7 all glued up.

Bulkhead #8 glued up. Ran out of small c clamps & had to use the bar clamps.

Out of clamps & out of room.

Wendy hard at work sanding the tangent doublers.

May 12.

Bulkhead #9.

Transom & transom doublers assembled.

Bulkhead #9 & transom assembled.

Bulkheads 6,7 & 8 finished.

Bulkheads 0-8.

May 13.

All the bulkheads ready to go.

Bulkhead #1 in about the place it will be during the rest of constuction. It is hanging on the wall that needs to come out.

Party! Friday May 13th.

Thats the wall.

"I can't belive your taking my bedroom wall"

Beth takes the first swing.

"That was fun, next."as she hands off the hammer to her sister.

Stephanie takes her shot.

Even the little ones get a shot.

"Hey, Mom, can I do this to my bedroom?"

"What a mess, you should have charged a dollar a whack."

Making holes in walls is fun!


May 14.

The mess cleaned up and the hole enlarged to final size.

Ready to make the "bump".


May 18.

Wall to bedroom cut open & ready for framing.

Framing going in.

All framed & 1/2 drywalled.

May 19.

All drywalled.

And what it looks like from the bedroom/office.

All finshed. Makes a great place to store tools. The building stocks are on the floor. Should have unpacked these earlier as they are still damp.

The bedroom side. Just need to texture & paint.

May 24.

The building stock timbers after 3 hot, dry days.

The end rails with legs attached. One took a bad twist.

And the new building stocks cut from 3/4 plywood & glued together.

May 26.

Aft half of the strongback.

And the lead bulb halfs on their skate boards even fit under the side rails.

May 30.

The forward station set in place. I deviated from the plans here. The uprights & legs are to be on the forward side of the rail. I flipped it to the aft side so the legs will be on the main garage floor not on the step up in the bump.

Building stocks ready for the 1st bulkhead.

Bulkhead #1.

Bulkhead #2.

1 & 2 with #3 getting ready.

#3 in place.

Bulkhead #4.

And #5. This is going fast!

#6 in place & #7 going in.

And bulkhead 7 in place.

Looking like a Mini!

#9 and the transom set!

Wow. Thats the backbone on top checking alignment.

Lots of visual progress today.

All cleaned up, time to call it a day.

May 31.

Backbone & #0 in place.

Looking aft.

Looking forward.

And yes, the garage door closes.



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