March 2009 Build Photos

March build hours: 76                                       01-Apr-09

25 Mar 09

Patch on the inside.


Epoxy on the inside.

and out side.

Fairing goop on.

Sanded back down and a few touch up spots.

Bilge pump and holes.

Hole for inside pump.

Ok, I know all this will go together.

19 Mar 09



Hole cut square.

Routed out on the stringers.

Plywood patch dry fit.

Epoxied and screwed in place.

15 Mar 09

Mast cut.

Mast is now the correct lenght.

Boat in street.

Gin pole up.

Adjusting gin pole.

Ready for the mast to go up.

going up...


...up... wait, the gin pole is leaning to far to starbrd.

back down.

Peanut gallery.

Going back up again.

It's up!

Boom on.

Putting on the bow sprit.


Gin pole back on deck.

Mast coming down.


Llifting the gin pole.

Wheels off.

Sticking the wheels back on.

Back in the garage.

13 & 14 Mar 09

Gin pole bases

Gin pole base lashed in place.

The lashing lines also protect the deck.

Gin pole.

Spin halyard blocks lashed

Spin halyard downhaul and Jib halyard blocks.

03 Mar 09

Here a shot of the cap on the mast with the wind wand mounting plate.

And the holes drilled for the main halyard sheave and nav light bracket

02 Mar 09

Wind conector, adapter plate and top cap.

Screws with mold release and thicked epoxy ready to go.

Mast with more epoxy.

And in place.

Nav light bracket painted.

A much better shot of the nav light bracket.

01 Mar 09


Spin block attach points.

Link on top of hole. Using it as a guide for the rivet holes.

Hole drilled and link on a string to check fit.

Link coated with Tef-Gell.

In hole.

Rivets fitted.

Rivets set.

String off and cleaned up.

New masthead bracket on left, replaces the 2 on right.

The new one weighs 100 grams less then the other 2.


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