March 2008 Build Photos

Mar build hours: 54.5                                                                            29-Mar-08

28 Mar 08

Stantions on!

The ofending stanchion after repair.

More shots of the hole.

27 Mar 08

Winch on.

Underside bolts.

Mike's keel ready to be installed.

Forestay fitting.

23 Mar 08

Keel board painted with primer.

22 Mar 08

Port side rudder fittings bolted on.

Starboard side loosly in place.

Rudder fittings and tiller brearing in place.

Mike sanding off the anti-fowling.

18 Mar 08

Model bearing holder

With sleeve.

Fwd stanchion holes.

Aft holes.

17 Mar 08

Aft chain plates.

Holes drilled for forestay fitting.

Bow eye bolt assy.

12 Mar 08

11 Mar 08

Side ports installed.

Inside veiw.

Access plates.

Escape hatch.

10 Mar 08

Oversize holes drilled for rudder.

Macaroni? No G-10 tube.

G-10 epoxied in holes.

Ready to drill more.

Main hatch mouning holes.

More fairing on keel.

03 Mar 08

Fairing around the axel.

And on the foil.



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