March 2007 Build Photos

Mar 07 Build Hours: 65                                                                                            29-Mar-07

29 Mar 07.

4 keel sections.

5th in the vacuum bag.

Laid this one up on edge....

...due the the thin trailing edge.

Leading profile cut partway.

Carbon is messy!

28 Mar 07.

Carbon fiber uni's wet out and folded.....

... and placed on the keel section.

Same thing here.

Vacuum bag, peel ply and breather ready to go.

Two more sections setting up.

The two from yesterday.

27 Mar 07.

Close up of the axle renforcement area.

Carbon ready to be wet out.

One section in the bag, prep for the 2nd.

Axle C/F in place and one of the lengthwise strips.

Next strip wet out, folded and ready to put in place.

And in the bag.

Section were I cut the bag open.

23 Mar 07.

Carbon Fiber plate after getting yanked from the bag.

And cut to size with the stiffner strips. Yes this make a mess when cut.

The strips epoxied on.

Section 4 cut.

Section 3 laid out...

...for cutting.

Cutting section 3.

Section 3 & 2 cut. Lay out on 1.

Keel all cut.

Axel area marked.

Epoxying on the last bits of foam.

That's sec 2 in back. Needed to fill a triangle along the arm.

22 Mar 07.

C/F cut and the Kevlar ready to be cut.

1st layers of C/F and one of the 2 layers of Kevlar.

Lay-up on the left, C/F on the right ready to be wet out.

The stack under vacuum.

The 5 keel sections.

21 Mar 07.

Trailing edge section clamped down.

18 Mar 07.

Completed sections.

The last of the keel sections ready to laminate.

17 Mar 07.

This is the section laid up from yesterday.

And the next section in the bag.

16 Mar 07.

Trailing edge came out ok.

Trailing edge section.

Cuting carbon fiber.

I found if I pull a couple of strands it makes for a cleaner edge.

And the next section in the bag.

15 Mar 07.

A bunch of test pieces to determine how many layers of C/F I'll need to lay up.

A single layer of C/F for the trailing edge of the keel.

Vaccum bagged.

A total failure.

Came out wrinkled and broke when pulled from the peel ply.

Try #2 will lamiate it in with the foam.

Bagged and vaccum on.

05 Mar 07.

Foredeck and side deck skins on!

The real reason we put on the side decks.... we'd have a place for the drawings.

Cuting the Core Cell foam into strips.

One keel strut.

04 Mar 07.

Foredeck skin going on.

Underside with epoxy.

And the stringers with epoxy.

Foredeck on.

Sidedeck ready.

Decks all on!

Plastic is to keep the drips away.

03 Mar 07.

Rough cut scarps with power planer.

Then sanded with belt sander.


The foredeck centerline scarf.

The boat elves managed to get on the 2nd coat of epoxy and paint.

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