March 2006 Build Photos

Build Hours for March: 84                                                                              06-Nov-12

28 Mar 06.

Port side ballast tank and bunk dry fit.

Starboard side tank & bunk sides dry fit.

Trimming the ballast tank top.

Both sides fitted.

27 Mar 06.

Floor grid.

Big fillet started just aft of the keel area.

Shear cleat at bulkhead 9.

Another veiw.

26 Mar 06.

Floor grid fillets.

22 Mar 06.

Starboard bunk side.

Side trimed to fit.

Floor grid and keel box dry fit.

Port side floor grid beams epoxied in place.

All the beams glued in place.

And the keel box glued in place.

21 Mar 06.

Backbone marked for cutting.

Rough cut.

Cut out.

Keel backbone parts dry fit.

Two of the floor beams trimed and dry fitted.

16 Mar 06.

Stem filleting

Stem sump.

Fwd of #4

A couple of shots without the flash.

15 Mar 06.


It will also double as a mast rasing tool.

Lift keel.


Scott and his boat.

11 Mar 06.

Pile of interior parts all sanded.

Bunk face trail fit. Looks like I have some triming to do.

09 Mar 06.

Fillets on bulkhead 6.

Noticed that the shear cleat.....

....mounted on the aft face of bulkhead 9....

......will need to be trimed off, leaving the shear clamp unsupported..... I will have to make a new cleat and put it on this side.

03 Mar 06.

"Floor boards"

These are from the building stocks and make it a bit easier to move around. Also the old knees like this surface better.

Partally filleted.

Tom hard at work.

Cutting the hatch doublers.

3 stages of fillets. Gooped on, filleted, cleaned up.

Tom cutting out the bunk top.

Started to use a baggie with the fillet compound in it like a pastry bag. A bit quicker and less mess to clean up. This is the bead that came from the bag.

And the fillet smoothed out.

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