June 2006 Build Photos

Build hours for June: 52                                                                         30-Jun-06

30 June 06.

Lower part of bow area epoxied.

Fwd face of bulkhead 1.

Aft face of bulkhead 1.

Looking down at the area ahead of #1.

1/2 done.

Looking aft.

#1 & #2.

Along the cabin top.

26 June 06.

Riser for bulkhead #3 fitted.

The top is 194mm above the DWL.

#2 in place.

Looking aft.

Forward divider in place.

And the aft divider fitted.

And Wendy's car still fits!


12 June 06.

Forward section fiberglass tape wetted out.

Water ballast tank epoxy covered.

Aft section.

Port tank and top covered with epoxy.

Bottom side of the starboard water tank top.

Starboard side water tanks.

Looking aft.

08 June 06.

So we try to flaten out the lid by overbending.

Worked on the left one. Not so well on right.

Fillets forward.

The fiberglass wet out.

Aft section half the fillet complete.

Fiberglass laid in.

Forward of bulkhead 4. Looking down on where the daggerboard slot will go.

Looking down in to water ballast tank.

07 June 06.

Bulkhead 4 with mast box installed.

The forward side.

The level is about where the L bunk will go.

06 June 06.

Mast box in place.

Used bits of plywood for wedges in the slot.

From the front.

Dashed line filled and the big fillet filled.

Aft section almost filled.

Wet & clamped down. Anyone have aonther idea to take out the warping?

Hope this works.

One of the hatchs in place.

02 June 06.

Mast box. Forward daggerboard is laying on the front of the boat.

Mast box glued up.

01 June 06.

Fillets done.

Clamps on the mast box framing.

Mast box framing

Mast box sides with framing.

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