June 2005 Build Photos

Hours of build time for June: 98

June 25

Stringer sticks. Adding 6mm plywood strips to stringers 5,6, & 7.

Fitted & glued. Again ran out of clamps.

Yes the car still fits.


June 24

The last of the tangent doublers fitted & glued.

Bow veiw.

One for Sam. Close up of the tangent doublers at bulkhead with gap filled with fairing compound


June 18

Stringers at the bow all fitted.


Sheer cleats have been fitted & glued.

Sheer cleats have been scarfed to length.


June 17

Bukhead 0 with stringer 1 fitted and glued. Stringer 2 fitted.

Clamps needed for stringer 1.

The rest of the tangent doublers glued on.

Port side.


The sheer clamps are next.


June 13

Bow section.

Port side.

Starboard side.

Aft bottom.


June 12

Forward half with stringer #1 attached.

Looking aft.

Street veiw.

Bottom. Starting to look like somthing.

Aft port side.

Starboard side with the tangent doublers in the foregound awaiting final triming.


June 11.

Stringer #2 glued and clamped.

Stringers 1, 3 & 4 on floor after being scarfed and glued.

Stringers 5 & 7 in place.


June 07.

Starboard side upper tangent fitted & epoxied.

Lower tangent stringer loosly fitted.

See sometimes I can be caught working.

Lower tangent stringer in place.

All tangent stringers in place.

The remaining stringers are in the foreground, in the process of being sorted.

The veiw from the street.

Stringer repair, drilled, dowelled, epoxied and clamped.

The glove makes a good release flim.


June 01.

The tangent stringers cut, scarfed and glued.

Boat & stringers