June 2007 Build Photos.

June 07 build hours: 51                                                                                       27-Jun-07

27 Jun 07.

Shear cap after sanding.

Fillets on the inside.

26 Jun 07.

Triangle doublers

Shear caps ready to be trimmed.

Partway there.

Here it comes!

Bob and the long tube.

One end was open.


Boom, sprit, jockey poles, rudder links, spreaders.

Man that is long.

One shipping tube.

Mast storage.

All trimmed.

Alot of chips.

25 Jun 07.

Final main hatch doublers.

Epoxied in.

Inside veiw.

Putting on....


....shear cap.....



21 Jun 07.

Main hatch doublers.

And from the inside.

9mm strips for the shear cap.

20 Jun 07.

Plywood and carbon.



Main hatch.

19 Jun 07.

Hull cap piece epoxied on.

Other side.

Foredeck wedges sanded

Stringer trimed at portlight.

Doublers for main hatch.

Cap trimed....

...and sanded.

Hole cut for main hatch.

15 Jun 07.

Foredeck hatch wedges.

Port stringers trimmed.

Dan with plane.

Stringers at the aft deck

Inside sikn added.

Main hatch....

... bulkhead fitted.

14Jun 07.

Template for the portlight.

Cut line drawn.

Part way cut.


Fitting of the portlight.


Fordeck hatch doubler....

...epoxied in place.

13 Jun 07.

Starting the cut.

1/2 there.

One hole.

With hatch in place.

The real reason I cut the hole.

And with the addition of the swamp cooler, it is almost warm.

07 Jun 07.

Sprit getting the winding of release tape.

Mast, boom and spreaders (on the rack furthest away).

That's the boom.

01 Jun 07.

Scott McClintock's Rio Hondo 40

Travler and engine gauges.


Nav table and looking in the forepeak.

Scott with broken hand, showing off the jib car.


What's this next to the shop?

The lead bulb mold.

01 Jun 07.

Inside shots.


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