July 2011 Build Photos

July build hours:  30                   26-Jul-11

26 Jul 11

Notching side rails.

Side rails bent.

Cross rails in place.

Tie down straps are to hold them in place until welded.

Getting ready to weld.

Note size of AR/CO2 bottle.

Welded up.

Tacking in the coupler tube and cross brace.

Note size of gas bottle.

Traded in the small bottle for the next size up. Only costs $5 more for twice the size.

And saves trips to the store for refills.


Rings on frame for wireing.

Lock washer rings.

Frame all welded.

Parked car on top of it , so trailer would not blow away.

Had someone ask me what plans I'm using? These are the plans I'm working from. Sort off reverese engineered my J/24 trailer.

23 Jul 11

Drilling hole at the ends of the cross beams.

It's for the brake lines and wiring.


Lower tubes

Ready for welding.

Pactice welds. Getting the welder dialed in.


Lower tubes with reinforments welded on.

Lower tubes

18 Jul 11

Ready to cut the cross beams.

1st cross rail cut. Checking for proper alingment with axle.

Cross beams, keel & box support in place with aft axle.

12 Jul 11

Steel in the street. This is for the main frame.

Stowed under boat.

How many times will I have to drag this in and out?

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