July 2007 Build Photos

July 07 build hours: 95                                                                                                                  01-Aug-07

31 Jul 07.

Fiberglass laid out in place.

Part way wet out.

All epoxied.

27 Jul 07.

Inside of main hatch.

Outside of hatch.

Kevlar on shearline.

Putting it on here.

26 Jul 07.


New Sander!

Fiberglass tape on the cabin top edge.


Puting on the seat edge.


The other side done.

All sanded.

25 Jul 07.

Aft of #4

Fwd of #4

21 Jul 07.

Area next to D/B box.

Foredeck hatch.

Cabin top and fordeck covered with epoxy.

20 Jul 07.

Inside sanded.

Deck sanded.

19 Jul 07.

The purple stuff is the fairing compound.

Spots on the deck.

15 Jul 07.

Forpeak paint.

Under the starboard seat.

Deck all sanded.

14 Jul 07.

Cockpit underside.

Port side underside.

Port deck sanded.

09 Jul 07.

The under side of the cockpit.



08 Jul 07.

Cabin 1/2 done.

The white areas are the pre painted sections.

Pie pans.



From the escape hatch.

07 Jul 07.

Another shot of the tapes.


03 Jul 07.

Fibergalss tape ready to be epoxied.

Tape in the corner.

The best shot of the glass tape I felt like getting.

01 Jul 07.

Fillets on the cainplate doubler.


And more pox.

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