July 2005 Build Photos


Hours of build time for July: 68

July 31.

Port side bottom skin.

Veiw from the bow.

And looking forward.

Starboard side.


July 30.

Aft section bottom skin epoxyed on.


July 29.

Bow skin panel

Just used screws to pull the scarf edges together, as I couldn't get the clamps and wedges to work here.

Starbord side. The port side is also on as well. hard to get a good picture as there is no room.



Hull side skin dry fitted and the bulkhead and stringer locations marked.

Bulkhead & stringer locations marked & pilot holes drilled.

Pilot holes drilled and both skin and hull epoxied.

Skin screwed and clamped to hull frame.

Second skin installed.

Port side clamps.

Port side skin at scarf joint. It was not pressed tight due to curve of hull. Clamped a piece of wood across joint and added wedges.

The other side of the scarf joint.

Starboard side.

Inside of the port side.



July 24.

Hull skins lined up and ready to be scarfed.

The pieces on the top and bottom are guides.

After using the power plane.

And after using the belt sander.


July  23.

Backbone, looking forward.

Port side lower tangent doublers after fairing.

Stem profile after shaping.

The veiw from on top, or bottom.

Starborad side.

Looking aft

Bow all shaped.


July 19.

Hull skins in palce for the 1st dry fit.

This could turn in to a boat after all.


July 18.

A close up of the sheer clamp before the bungs were glued in. You can also see the dowels from were the sheer clamp was scarfed together.

The stem. I've filleted the bulkhead and stem. Also added a strip to the stringer, most will get sanded off.

The fillets on the backside of the sheer clamp. The fillet was made of epoxy, cab-o-sill & wood flour.

Sheer clamp.


July 17.

Starboard side.

Bow area

Port side.


July 13

Sheer clamps after being beveled.

All the stringer strips are on.

And looking forward.

Close up of the aft section.

From the street.

July 11

All out of clamps again.