July 2006 Build Photos.

July build hours: 88                                                                                              31-Jul-06

31July 06.

getting there.

All covered.

Aft sections

Looking aft.

30 July 06.

Inside of main bunks epoxied.

Aft side of bulkhead 4.

Getting the sides.

26 July 06.

Holes drilled and putting in inserts.

24 July 06.

Hatch doublers...

on the v bunk tops.

Cup of ice water.

I kept the cup of mixed epoxy here, to keep it from setting off to soon.

Was over 105 in the shop again.

Bulkheads 4,3 &2.

Underside of top coated.

Inside as well.

Fwd part of aft tank.

Inside aft tank.

20 July 06.

Holes in the aft tanks.

Three of the 5 panels dry fitted.

All 5 panels in place.

Hatches cut out.

19 July 06.

Secondary supports in place.

Ready for the tops.

Loking down on the aft tank side showing warp.


All rudder fitting holes free.

Stringer doublers on as well.

More of the warp.

Inside looking aft.

18 July 06.

Rudder fittings holding tool.

In place for the starboard rudder.

Close up.

Holes marked.

Fwd bunk wood suports.

Port aft tank side in.

Starboard side.

Wall of dirt. Dust storm in area just as I finished up.

No I did not blow the dust out of the shop again. Came from the South East, so may have been Sam?

14 July 06.

Fwd part of aft water tank epoxied to #9.

Fwd bunk stringers cut and ready to glue in.

Epoxied in place.

Aft tank side rough cut.

Parts for the daggerboard box.

13 July 06.

Fiberglass tape epoxied on the fore/aft support.

106.2 in the shop! 120 in the attic. But it is a dry heat, only 19 % humidity.

Tape on the #2 and 1/2 of #3.

All taped up.

Aft tanks.

08 July 06.

Thru area filleted and fiberglassed.

Looking fwd.

#1 hatch.

06 July 06.

Fillets on the fwd bunk.

Birds eye veiw of the thru hull locations. That is bulkhead #7 in the center.

Doublers and box being dry fit.

All glued up. Could not use the clamps, as they were a bit to long.

Doubler for the hatch in bulkhead #1.

And glued on.

02 July 06.

Fwd bunk frames.

Bulkhead #1

The painted forepeak area.

Looking aft.


Painted the forepeak before it gets any harder to move around up there.