January 2009 Build Photos

January build hours: 58                                         31-Jan-09

30 Jan 09

Adding fillets to the plates.

Marked for cutting

Out with the big guns.

Getting it done.

Filing it smooth.


The bottom peice is now too thin. Back to the drawingboard.

Spreader inboard ends

More fillets and the center section back in.

Fillets on the spreader stubs.

GPS mount in the stowed postion.

And in the in-use postion.

VHF bracket mounted above.

Lousy low light picture of it in the in-use postion.

26 Jan 09

The 2 outbrd pieces still need more sanding.

All fitted.

Epoxied in.

25 Jan 09

Blocks for the GPS bracket.

Spacers for the boom.

Bucket of water, G/N half., and grinding wheel.

Partway cut.

Rough cut. I have swiched to using the bench grinder as it was quicker then the die grinder.

Two halfs assembed.

19 & 20 Jan 09

Sheaves & dividers somewhat set in place.


GPS bracket.

Sheaves and dividers to work out spacing.

GPS bracket mount epoxied.

Close up.

14 Jan 09

Goosneck attach point.


Cut in half.

The glue before cleaning.

Track on!

13 Jan 09

Carbon fiber & Kevlar ready for wet out.

1st bits of carbon.

And Kevlar.

In the vaccum bag.

Tubes coverd with carbon.

And in place.

All wraped up.

In the bag. And yes I got a bit too much epoxy and in got suck into the vaccum line.

12 Jan 09

Mast tack laid out on the mast.

The track is being held in place with a neat aircraft tool called a Cleco. Thanks Mark B for leanding me them.

Gooseneck tubes epoxied in place.

2 G-10 tubes and 1 stainless with epoxy and cab-o-sil fillet.

02 Jan 09

Blocks for the dihedral.

And the blocks to hold the sweept angle.

This was a pain as there are about 12 things that have to line up.

GPS bracket.

01 Jan 09

Measure mark.

Gooseneck area marked.

Using a piece of paper to make a square line.

Hole drilled for spreader



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