January 2007 Build Photos

Jan 07 Build Hours: 51                                                                                                     01-Feb-07

26 Jan 07.

Router guide.


Catches trimmed down. I should have thined these before cuting to size.

And epoxied in place.

Cockpit floor doubler for the tiller.

Lots of hatches.

22 Jan 07.

More hatch doublers.


Underside of cockpit deck doublers. See the nice fillets?

20 Jan 07.

Port side transom cut off.

Both sides cut.

The shear clamp and stringer will get trimmed after the deck is installed.

Cockpit floor doubler.

Hatch doublers epoxied on.

Hopefully this will help keep them flat.

16 Jan 07.

Cockpit skin fitted.

And stringers marked.

Parts for the bunk hatchs locks.

10 Jan 07.

Port side deck doublers faired.

Starboard side deck doublers faired.

And what piece goes where????

Deck and cabin side skins sort of in place.

Cabin end as well.

Fiting more deck doublers.

Doublers under the travler.

And epoxied in place.

Starboard side.

Cockpit stringers.

08 Jan 07.

Bow blocks.

Thease are to thru bolt the forestay fitting.

Holes for the wiring.

Starboard side deck doublers almost on.

Port side.

The spoons are to wedge the wood in place till the epoxy sets up.

I hope they will come out.

04 Jan 07.

Hull side still needing to trimed foward of # 3.

Another veiw.

After trimming with the hand plane.

Deck shear faired.

03 Jan 07.

Wendy says, "What have you done"!

Getting started.

A bit farther.

Cut off and hanging by the clamps.

Saw with base canted.

Bow timber trimmed off.

Shear mostly planed smooth.

02 Jan 07.

Deck doublers fitted.

D/B box epoxied.

All thats left of Sam's plywood.





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