January 2006 Build Photos.

Build hours for Jan: 59.5                                                                         31-Jan-06

31 Jan 06

Preped and ready for more bottom paint

Paint on.

2nd coat on.

27 Jan 06

Bucket of used sandpaper!

Thin spot on hull.

Other then that, it's smooth.

26 Jan 06


The wet looking areas need to be wet sanded.

The dull areas have been wet sanded.

25 Jan 06

Paints used so far.

"Waterline" taped off.

Upper part of hull masked off.

All painted and masking removed.

All paint was rolled on with a foam roller.

21 Jan 06

For some reason the flash washed out the laser.

Laser line.

Fairing for the 16th time.

Just doing the bottom.


Have not got a lot of this veiw.

Fills the drive.

20 Jan 06

After 3 coats of primer.

19 Jan 06

You can just see the area where filled in the center.

Finished with the 15th fairing!

15 Jan 05

Start of J/24 and Merit 25 race.

Stacy,Craig & Wendy.

Thanks to Mike Ferring for the shots.

Wendy before the start.

02 Jan 06


Monsoon off the California coast.


Britney & Shelby

Wendy & Chelsea

01 Jan 06

Getting smooth.

Bottom is yet to be done.