February 2009 Build Photos

February build hours: 58                                       25-Feb-09

25 Feb 09

Far end of the boom.

Motor end.

Jockey pole

End trimed to fit socket.

24 Feb 09

Deck hole

with epoxy.

Spreader ends.

with the ends in the spreaders.

23 Feb 09

Mast base.

Plumb bob and protractor to keep things at the right angle.

Holes drilled.

Rough cut with saw.

Then trimed back with a router.

Mess from the router.

Getting there.

And almost the final shape.

18 Feb 09

End plates.

Stuck in boom

And with sheaves.

The boom will have a cut out so the plates will fit flush with the end.

Will cut the boom to final lenght after mast is stepped.

Boom and mast.


Mast top.

17 Feb 09

End plates...

...all epoxied...


12 Feb 09

Spacer plates for the aft end of the boom.

Waiting for the epoxy.

Mast step.

Mast base.

Line slots cut.

Also added tabs? or something for lazy jacks.

Another great shot, there are 2 tabs on the boom.

06 & 07 Feb 09

Al bar with slots cut.

Goose neck halves cut out.....

.... ground down & polished.

Assembled and on the boom.

And on the mast.

01 Feb 09

Laid out and the pilot holes drilled.

Main holes drilled.

Thay are 13mm dia. Thats the Link next to the holes.

Opening up the holes.

And ground to fit link.

Used a Moto tool to open holes and then with a small sanding drum to finish.

Link upside down on the hole to check fit.

And fitted in fianl postion.

Forestay hole.


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