February 2008 Build Photos

Feb build hours: 56                                                                              29-Feb-08

29 Feb 08.

Axel cut off.

Foam and fairing.

28 Feb 08

Keel donuts epoxied in place on axel

The vacuum atachment and roll of masking plastic are there to keep it square to the axel.

Fairing on the trailing edge.

27 Feb 08


Cutting the axel hole.

Fairing on keel.

23 Feb 08

Close ups of deck.

22 Feb 08

Decks masked off for non-skid paint.

17 Feb 08

Wendy tipping off the rolled on paint.

15 Feb 08.

Heater on!

Hull and cabin sides painted.

Hull side looking aft.

Hull side looking fwd.

11 Feb 08.

All wet sanded.

09 Feb 08.

08 Feb 08.

Toe rail epoxied in place.

Other side.

Fairetts applied.

05 Feb 08.

Primer paint

04 Feb 08.

Epoxy on toe rails.

Wet sanding.

03 Feb 08.

Toe rails and the area to grind off.

Paint ground off.




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