February 2007 Build Photos

Feb 07 Build Hours: 76                                                                                                   28-Feb-07

28 Feb 07.

Side deck with 1st coat of epoxy.

Foredeck skin.

27 Feb 07.

Top edge of cockpit seat trimmed partway.

And finshed.

Both sides done.

And cleaned up.

Foredeck skin....

.... clamped and weighted in place....

...to mark the underside.

26 Feb 07.

Cabin top stringers cut....

....so the deck skin will lay flat.

Deck skins lined up ready to scarf.

After scarfing.

Top side.

Coveing the side seck with epoxy.

Skin ready for the epoxy.

Partway screwed down.

Other side done as well.

22 Feb 07.

More epoxy on the deck skin.

This is looking in the escape hatch.

21 Feb 07.

Port side seat edge trimmed. Side deck fitted.

Underside of side deck with 1st caot of epoxy.

Cockpit fillets.

Port side.

Bad picture of the fillet on the inside of the seat edge.

20 Feb 07.

Seat edge fitted.

Seat edge wired on.

One way to get it tight.

Starboard side.

Checking fit of side decks.

Will need to trim seat edge before the side deck can be fitted.

19 Feb 07.

Rainy day here in Phoenix.

Fwd bunk.

Side bunk hatches.

Starboard side bunk.

Screws out of the deck skin.

Fillets on the aft deck

Aft deck.

View from the escape hatch.

Cockpit sides...

.....cut and fitted.

And epoxied in place.

Used both clamps and copper wire to hold in place.

16 Feb 07.

Aft decks on.

15 Feb 07.

The boat elves were busy this week.

They got the paint on the underside of the cockpit deck skin.

Cockpit and aft deck skin....


Cockpit deck skin.....

...epoxied and screwed in place.

Hole cut in aft deck for access plate.

Hole and plate.

in place.

Doubler for access plate.

09 Feb 07.

Last of the latches.

Deck skin with 2nd coat.

08 Feb 07.

All marked and ready to cut.

Cut halfway.

Cut out.

Dry fitting the hatch. Had to see if it would fit.


Latch trimmed to fit

Added a stop block.

Underside of aft deck covered with epoxy.

Underside of cockpit deck.

07 Feb 07.

The parts cut by the boat elves.

Drill guide.

Sliders with the finger holes.

Latch assembed.

The plastic is to keep the slider from sticking and to provide a bit of space.

Latch assembly line.

03 Feb 07.

Top side of...

...the hatches coated with epoxy.

Latch parts covered with graphite/epoxy.

This should make them easier to work.

01 Feb 07.

Here is....

...the underside...

....of my keel bulb....

....for Sam.

Looks like the rebate was cast in place.

Strips of plywood for the latches.

Hatches covered with epoxy.



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