February 2006 Build Photos

                                Build hours for Feb: 44.0                                             04-Mar-06

26 Feb 06.

After the party.

Flip cradle removed.

Removing the building stocks.

The bulding stocks.

And all the bulkhead uprights removed.

25 Feb 06. More pictures

Thanks Dad!


25 Feb 06.

Outside with the turning cradles.

The crowd gathers.

"That's enough standing around, lets get to work!"

Moving it to the street.



Phoenix area boat builders Scott (in red shirt) and Shorty (in white behind) came to help.

Picking it up and scooting it sideways.

Beer Break!

Moving the casters from top to bottom.

Back to work.

And over.

Happy skipper!

And crew.

Back in the garage.

Time to relax.

20 Feb 06.

13 Feb 06.

Cradles for turning hull.

08 Feb 06

The start of the flip cradle.

Bracing in place.

07 Feb 06

All sanded to 600 wet.

06 Feb 06

Prepped for paint.

Port side painted

02 Feb 06

All gooped up.

All cleaned up.

01 Feb 06

Looking aft.


Looking forward.

Looking good!

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