December 2008 Build Photos

December build hours: 55                                                                      02-Jan-09

31 Dec 08

Cone shaped holes.

The two bottom holes done.

I would have to stop about 2-3 times while drilling to clean the lead off the side of the drill bit.

Just starting on this hole.


27 Dec 08

Bolts used to steady and adjust.

I held the bulb up while adjusting the bolts. This was the most time consuming part as the bulb needed to match the frame.

Router mounted and ready to go.

Even had a hook up to the shop vacuum. This did not work as the lead shavings just flew out.

1st pass.

Added plastic skirts to the frame and router base and cloth to keep the lead shavings some what contained.

After the final pass.

The bucket in the lower corner is what I took off both halves.

21 Dec 08

The filler lead fallen out.

Working on the bulbs

Fileing the groves.

Holes for the motor mount.

Inserts epoxied.

With motor mount.

19 Dec 08.

One half.....

...and the other.

Carbon on the jockey pole sockets and keel control attach point. The white suff is peel-ply.

13 Dec 08.

Rudder all orange.

And daggerboard and keel too.

Boat back down and outside.

Lead bulb.

08 Dec 08.

Rudders with 1st coat.

Keel and daggerboard.

Keel slot.

Ruuders with 2nd coat.

Final winch.

03 Dec 08.

Holes and inserts for the winch.

And the mainsheet cleat.


Winch base.

Waiting for Wendy to get home to hold one side of the wrench. So that would be: Waiting for the wench to hold the wrench on the winch.

So back to sanding the primer on the keel.

And rudders.

Mainsheet cleat mounted.

And one of the winches.

And sanding the daggerboard.


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