December 2006 Build Photos

Dec 06 Build Hours: 63                                                                                                                29-Dec-06

29 Dec 06.

Fillets aound the bunk top.

Deck doublers laid out.

Shear clamp.

Shear clamp after trimming.

Pieces cut from shear clamp.

2 deck doublers cut and fitted.

28 Dec

Craig's boat.

New window in place.

Old compression post.

New post

Craig getting ready with.....

.... the sealant gun.

Maybe too many fumes?


27 Dec 06.

Compression post for Craig's boat.

Area aft of box filled.

D/B box base.

Fwd bunk top

Aft deck stringers.

23 Dec 06.

Area where the epoxy cab-o-sil mix went.

22 Dec 06.

A 4x8 sheet of 9mm plywood for deck doublers.

D/B box glued in position. Look at all the grubby fingerprints.

Cabin top stringers in place.

21 Dec 06.


Inside the D/B box.

Other side getting coated.


Some on the slot as well.

The D/B box epoxied together.

Craig's rudder.

Deck stringers.

And one on the back.

Test spot.

Test panel. Right color but the paint looks like....

...this. It has seperated and looks like oil on top.

17 Dec 06.

Deck stringers.....

....set in.....



Daggerboard with........

.......another coat of primer.

16 Dec 06.

15 Dec 06.

The D/B box.

Deck stringers.

Port side.

Starboard side.

11 Dec 06.

D/B box with ends epoxied in place.

That's the other side on the boat.

09 Dec 06.

Saw ready to cut.


....rotating blade down.....

...and thru.

Wendy takes her turn.

Rough cut.

Cleaning it up with the moto-tool.


Worn out saw blade.

It was a new blade.

Daggerboard box fitted in place.

And the bunk top fitted as well.

Other side.

Trimming to do on top.

05 Dec 06.

Daggerbaord doubler.

Deck stringers.

Daggerboard in place.


Base of daggerboard.

04 Dec 06.

Daggerboard after sanding.

Starting to shape the doubler to fit the hull profile.

Bottom of doubler after shaping.

Top side.

Sam has water bagging and PVC clamps. I have railroad rails.The doubler in place.

Criag's rudder with bottom paint.



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