December 2005 Build Photos.

Build Hours for Dec: 77                                                                                         28-Dec-05

28 December

14th fairing done.

Primer paint aplied to the low spots.

21 December

Some close-ups of the bow area.

16 December

One side almost done.

A close up of a low spot.

And another.

15 December

The back is dyed, just the light washed it out.

George with longboard.

Looking like a Smurf.

Hard at it.


A good start.

09 December

The centerline after paint.

Port side after paint.

This round of painting used about 4.2 ltrs of paint.

The starboard side, paint dried.

Nice shot of my work boots.

Dry / Wet

08 December

You can just make out the curve to the right of the pencil line.

Filler on.

As luck would have it, the daggerboard slot will be between the filler patches. And the keel will be just aft of them.

After the 13 sanding.

4 rounds of primer rolled on one side, none on the other yet.

Looking good.

I just rolled on one side, so that the paint was still tacky when I went back for the next coat.

04 December

After the 12th fairing & the 5th coat of primer.

The rough spots are just were the filler reflects the light differently.

Thats about 115 man hours on the bottom since we put on the 1st coat of paint on the 9th of November.

03 December

"Sandy" hard at work.

Under all the dust it's really Wendy.

Just need to sand the area from the longboards back.