August 2012 Build Photos

Aug build hours:  156               10-Sep-12

05 Aug 12

Rudders on!

Starboard 1/2 of keel bulb set in place.

Had to take the fenders an wheel off to get the hoist close.

Yes the caution tape is for me. I bashed my head a couple of times before I put it on.

Setting the port bulb 1/2.

Used tie down straps to pull the 1/2's together.

If you know how these straps work, you'll notice that after racheting them tight, I could not release the strap. I had to cut it.

All bolted on to the strut.

06 Aug 12

Keel bearing holder bolts

Block & tackle system for keel.

Keel canted over.

Easier to fair bottom.

All around pictures

Rudders aligned.

07Aug 12

Lifelines on.

13 Aug 12

Deck lashing, mast hole.

30 Aug 12

At the lake.

At The Sailboat Shops gin pole.

Yes we have gloves on now.

Mast up.

Chicken dance?

Lashing the deadeyes.

Back view

Damaged mast head stuff. The most fragile item, the cups came though with out a scrach.

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