August 2009 Build Photos

August build hours: 47                                     03-Sep-09

26 Aug 09.

A/P pump bracket mounted... the underside...

of the cockpit.

Thats it just sicking down.

Parts for ram and other bits.

24 Aug 09.

Pump with fitings for a remote res.

Bracket parts.

Pump and bracket.

11 Aug 09

Thru-hull fitting.

Strainer and hose.

Y valves.

10 Aug 09

Hole cut to the bilge.

And out of the bunks.

Holes plugged in the deck.

04 & 05 Aug 09

New inserts epoxied on.

Track loaded with bolts, spacers, washers and o rings.

Not shown here is the small tie wraps I used to hold all the bits in place until installed.

Track bolted down.


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