August 2007 Build Photos

August 07 build hours: 65                                                                                                                 27-Aug-07

27 Aug 07.

Fairing around the cockpit.

26 Aug 07.

Cabin side frairing.

Figuring out where to put this stuff.

Toe rails cut.

Cockpit toe rail.

New clamp storage rack.

Toe rails sanded.

Glueing it on.

Inside grab rail.

25 Aug 07.

All sanded.

Still covered with dust.

After wiping down.

14 Aug 07.

Non skid try.

Gaps in the pattern.

Knocking off the not holes with a putty knife.

I know I'm going to find these things for years!

Sanding it back smooth.

Fairing on the boaw.

And cockpit seats.

A coat of epoxy on the cockpit deck and it's looking good.

13 Aug 07.

Plastic with holes.


Filled and in the bag.

09 Aug 07.

Wetting out the fiberglass.

08 Aug 07.

Starboard side covered.

Staring on the port side.


Bow section done.

07 Aug 07.

2nd coat of paint.

Shear sanded.


More sanding.

Fairing goop fwd of hatch.

And sides.

More on the shear.

Cabin top

06 Aug. 07.

Shear fairing start.

Wet Epoxy

02 Aug 07.

Under the cabin hatch.

Aft deck.

01 Aug 07.

Cabin sides covered.

Side deck fiberglass.

Wet out with epoxy.

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