August 2005 Build Photos

Hours of build time for August:  39

Aug 13.

Starbord side

Looking good.


Going thru the wall

From the street.


Aug 12.

The 1st of the 100mm wide strips.

Starboard bow.

Starboard side.

Port side

Looking aft.

Looking forward.


Aug 11.

Port side further along.

Port side looking aft.

Port side with the screws removed.


Aug 7.

A couple more panels on.

The port quarter started.

Have to walk all the way around the bow to get back to this area.


Aug 6.

The 1st two panels installed.

Went at a 45 deg angle so there is not as much bending force.

A lot fairer curve.

The next panel (on the saw horse) has been dry fitted and marked where it touchs the doublers & stringers.

Dry fitting the left most panel.

Aft quarter covered.

Looking good.

Here is the end on the tangent doubler.

After the screws are removed I will have to sand it flush with the edge on the panel.


Aug 5.

Cutting 200mm wide strips of the 4mm plywood for the radius skins.

One of the radius skin panels after routering for the stringers.

And looking at the 1st two pieces.

Not happy with the way it is bending.

Not a nice fair curve.

Sam, these are the screws that I use for the skins. #8 x 20mm.


Aug 1.

Bottom looking forward.

Aft end.

Starboard stern quarter.

Yes, it goes thru the wall.

Looking aft.

Port foward quarter.

Starboard side.