August 2006 Build Photos

August build hours: 8                                                                               05-Sep-06

Seattle Pix.

Max and Dave in Lake Union

If you have to have a powerboat!

Going thru the locks.

Lennie handing lines in the locks.


The Pacific Seacraft Pilot House 40

Dave and Lennie sailing the PS 31.

One of the draw bridges.

Wendy and Dave ducking flying fish.

Wendy on a wood filled beach.

Wendy at Cape Flattery.

Sunset at Cape Flattery.

19 Aug 06.

Wendy and the mini.

Sam and Wendy.

17 Aug 06.

Painted inside two of the bunk compartments.

09 Aug 06.

Dudley's new skiff design.

No plans or kits are available at this time.

The underside of the hull.

Untill Dudley has completed this one and sailed it.

01 Aug 06.

Under the fwd bunk painted.

Looking thru #4

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