April 2009 Build Photos

April build hours: 47                                     30-Apr-09

30 Apr  09

Clamp tight tool & stainless wire.

Strobe light bracket.

With strobe light.

Sealant filling the bottom where the 12vdc to 3vdc power board is.

Attached to the nav light and mast bracket.

Some of the failed bends.

I tried different dies and roller locations. Even filled on bend with sand. All failed. Some worst then others.

So then I tried with springs on the inside and outside.

Here is the spring on the inside, stuck and all streched out.

That started as a nicly coiled 200mm long spring.

And the outside springs are stuck on the tube. The section in front was with just the inside spring.

10 Apr 09

New hole cut for pump.

Pump in with handle.

No handle

Cover closed.

Soaking hoses in hot water.

Port side tank hoses.

Starboard side.

02 Apr 09

Hole for the pump.

No hole for pump.

Main tank with 90 elbows.

Aft tank tubes.

01 Apr 09

Holes cut for tubes and pump.

Manifolds all made up.

And mounted in the boat.


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