April 2008 Build Photos

Apr build hours: 64.5                                                                            04-May-08

28 Apr 08.

Traveler bar.

Electric panel.

Floor boards.

27 Apr 08.

Carbon ready to be wet out.

Under vacuum.

Drilled electric panel.

22 Apr 08.


Drill jig.

Teak cover with epoxy.

Holes for the teak.

21 Apr 08.

Teak on cabin top.

Harken packages.

Traveler plywood cut.

And with the track.

20 Apr 08.


Drill jig.

16 Apr 08.

Holes drill for bow rail.

Layout for drilling. Yes it is 15 deg. And yes I had it 20 deg first.

Inserts drilled.

15 Apr 08

Rails after repaint.

Shaping to a 15 deg sweep.

All shaped.

14 Apr 08

Bow railing fitted.

Repaired stern rail.

Inserts cut to length.

End rough trimmed.

Final shaping to 20 deg.

Hi-tec sanding jig.


10 Apr 08

Inserts covered with CF.

And in the vacuum bag.

Electric panel.

09 Apr 08

Foam and Carbon for the spreader end.

Pole end after cleaning up.

04 Apr 08

Pole bagged.

Cup in other end to help seal.

Patch, still trying to seal.

Lots of seal tape!

And the next day right from the bag.

03 Apr 08

Pole fitting after shaping.

Epoxied on.

"Tool" used to shape fitting where the pole attaches.

The beer cans were all empty.

02 Apr 08

Parts for the sprit pole fitting.

It is made from FR4 plate.

Parts epoxied together.



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