J/24 Nationals Photos:

Getting the mast ready.

Setting up gin pole.

Raising the mast.

Getting the boat cleaned up after the drive.

Looking good.

The motley crew.

Jenny & Mike.


Wendy, Jenny & Mike.

Before racing on Friday.

Note bow sticker.

Mike & Craig after a wet day.

Craig hosing off the deck. Note the bow sticker after racing.



Hoisting the colors.

Wendy and Jenny after the last race.

Mike & Craig.

Wendy and Jenny compare bruises.

Wendy wins.



Visit with Sam photos:

Sam's Pogo.

Wendy & Sam.

Sam & Orion's Belt

Wendy & Dave, 1st time on a Mini.

Sam's other Mini.



Sam and sandpaper.

Soon to become close frends.

Wendy sanding.